Standard Acquisition Timeline

Phase 1

Notification of Acquisition

June 15 2010

Notified of Acquisition through management.

Gathering Info

July 2010

Either through Email or through Conference calls,

Get list:

Usernames & info
Addresses and network information.

Ordering T1 Lines

July 2010

T1 line costs:

$500 per month
$1000 early termination disconnect fee

T1 line install can take up to 90 days.

Create User Accounts and Email Addresses

July 2010

Create AD accounts.

Create Contact Cards from existing email accounts and set up forwards from Brickman to Acquisition email addresses.

IT Recon Visit

July 15 2010

Gather all information possible:

Physical Equipment (Routers, Servers, PCs, Printers, Copiers)
Software being utilized (Accounting, Estimating)

Report Recon Visit Findings

August 2010

Report findings via email to interested parties (Operations & IT)
Log findings on Bricknet Acquisition Documents folder.

Devise Strategy

August 2010

What software are we keeping?
What hardware are we keeping?
Email and Website timelines?
Create schedule for operations.

Ordering Equipment


Ordering PC, Printers, Servers necessary for implementation.

To be drop shipped to acquisition location.

Phase 2

Implementation Day

September 15 2010

Setup PCs
Data migration from old PCs
Email configurations (Acquisition primary, Brickman forwarded for 60-90 days)
File Shares
Acquisition software setup on a Brickman PC (or where required).

Website Migrated or Redirected

September 30 2010

Migration from hosting or local server to new service.
Redirected to

Phase 3

Email Migrated (Google)

October 30 2010

Migrate acquisition email to Google and setup Brickman as primary email
MX Record moved for Google.

$50 per user / per year

Wrap Up

Follow Up

September 15 2011
  • Follow up on outstanding hardware, software
  • Google mail still required?
  • IT consultants & service contracts for old equipment cancelled
  • Pre-existing network lines cancelled.