Mongol timeline chris Kalous


Temujin unified the Mongols and defeated rivals


The Mongol leader controlled its people and defeated rivals.

Temujin accepted the title Genghis Khan of the Mongol clan


Temujin accepted the title Genghis Khan, or "Universal Ruler" of the Mongol clan.

Temujin invaded the Northern Jin Empire


Genghis Khan defeated the Northern Jin Empire. His first goal wasChina after invading. His attention turned to the Islamic region West of Mongolia

Central Asia was under Mongol control


The Mongols destroyed on city after another - Utar, Samarkand, Bukhara, and slaughtered many inhabitants. Mongols controlled Central Asia

Genghis Khan died


he died not from violence, but illness. his successor continued to expand the empire in about 50 years. Mongols conquered territory, China to Poland.

divided empire into four regions


they were divided into four regions or khanates. they were Khanate of the Great Khan(Mongolia and China), Khanate of the Chagatia(Central Asia), the llkhanate(Persia), and the Khanate of the Golden Horde(Russia).

Marco Polo visited China


he traveled on the Silk Road on a caravan with his dad and grandpa .

great Khan sent huge fleets against Japan


the Mongols forced Koreans to build, sail, provide provisions for the boat, a costly task that almost ruined Korea.

Kublai Khan died


after his death the Yuan Dynasty began to fade. Also, family members continually argued who will rule.

Timur the Lame destroyed Delhi


the city was so completely devastated

A 11 year old named Babur inherited a kingdom


it's in the area that is now Uzbekistan andTajikistan

Babur brilliant general


He led 12,000 troops to victory against an army of 100,000 commanded by a a sultan of Delhi

Babur's grandson was ruler

1556 - 1600

he lived up to his name, ruling with wisdom and tolerance

Mumtaz Mahal died at age 39


this happened while giving birth to her 14th child, to enshrine his wife's memory

jhan became ill


during the time, his
Four sons scrambled for the throne

Aurangzeb was ruler

1658 - 1707

While ruling he expanded Mughal holdings to their greatest size.