Mongol timeline


Temujin fights for power

1200 - 1206

Temujin fought for power over the Mongol hordes. He destroyed all of his rivals.

Genghis khan


Temujin becomes Genghis khan in 1206. He is now universal ruler of the Mongols

Conquers the Jin region

1207 - 1211

Genghis khan conquers the Northern Jin region of China. He then shifted his attention to the Muslim regions in the west.

Central Asia

1224 - 1225

Genghis Khan conquers the Muslim regions of Central Asia. He now controls all of Central Asia.

Death of GK


Genghis khan dies from illness. His sons take over the Army

Mongols in Persia

1250 - 1260

The Mongols attempt to conquer Persia. By 1260, the divide the great empire into four regions

Japanese invasion

1274 - 1281

The Mongol twice attempt to invade Japan. Both times, however, they fail due to either bad weather or Japanese defense

Marco Polo


Marco Polo visits Asia. He then comes back and tells stories, which becomes a big success.