Mongol Timeline Lizzy P3


Uniting the Mongols


Temujin, a clan leader fought off his rivals each individually and united the Mongol clans

Genghis Khan


Temujin accepted the name "Genghis Khan" meaning "universal leader"

Conquering The Muslims


Angered by the murdered traders and embassadors caused by the Muslims, Genghis Khan set out to terrorize the Muslims. He slaughtered many people and destroyed a lot of cities.

Mongol Control


Genghis Khan has conquered and is now in control of Central Asia

Death of Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan dies from illness

Kublai Khan


Kublai takes control and tries to expands his Khante which included Mongolia, Korea, Tibet, and northern China

Marco Polo


Marco Polo travels the silk road with his father and uncle to come visit Kublai Khan in his court

Set out to Japan


Kublai Khan again tries to conquer Japan and forces Koreans to build and give supplies. The Japanese fought the Mongols off and the next day a typhoon came through and destroyed the Mongolian fleets leaving Kublai Khan humiliated

Death of Kublai Khan


Kublai Khan died and the Yuan Dynsty crumbled with the constant arguing and frustration of the questions of who would rule