Short Story

Vivian Miles

Main Character


March 19, 2019

Vivian Miles is born

First Day of School

August 9, 2025

Vivian's first day at the village school. Becomes interested in Leather working.

Brother Obtains Dragon

June 24, 2027

Vivian's brother, Aiden, is old enough to get his dragon.

Obtains Dragon

March 19, 2032

Vivian turns 13 and obtains her first dragon. Names the dragon Aurora, after reading about the Aurora Borealis in a book.

First Flying Lesson

July 15, 2033

Vivian has her first flying lesson on Aurora.


November 3, 2033

Vivian goes out on Aurora unsupervised and has a serious crash landing.


November 3, 2033 - November 30, 2033

Vivian recovers from the injuries caused by her near fatal crash.

Begins to Expeirence PTSD

December 4, 2033 - April 6, 2034

Vivian begins to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to her crash.


April 6, 2034

Vivian is no longer experiencing signs on post traumatic stress disorder.

Obtains Family Heirloom

March 19, 2035

Vivian obtains the female family heirloom,a gold and silver bracelet with a dragon etched into the side, on her 16th birthday.

Discovers Dragon Racing

June 14, 2036

Vivian hears from an out-of-towner about Dragon Racing and the Dragon Racing school in the capitol city. You have to be at least 20 years old to enroll and have your own dragon.

Heads for the Capitol City

May 1, 2039

Vivian is picked up by carriage and taken to the Dragon Racing school.


May 2, 2039

While traveling to the capitol city, Vivian has a nightmare about the crash that had severely injured her.

Arrives in Capitol City

May 3, 2039

After a couple days of travel, Vivian and Aurora arrive at the capitol city. They head to the school so Vivian can get her dorm room and Aurora can get a spot in the stables.

Meets Naomi

May 3, 2039

Vivian meets her new roommate Naomi and her dragon Genevieve.

Into the City

May 4, 2039

Vivian and Naomi decide to venture into the big city after the school assembly.

Meets Riley

May 15, 2039

Vivian meets Riley, an arrogant classmate of hers who she happens to have a crush on.

First day of Class

May 15, 2039

Today is the first day of class at the Dragon Racing school. No actual racing goes on today, but Vivian gets to meet her teachers as well as her other classmates. They also go over the basics of what they will be learning and doing while they are here.

Begins Expeirencing PTSD

May 31, 2039

After a couple weeks of school, Vivian begins to experience PTSD again. She thinks that the extreme training that they're going through is bringing it up. She doesn't tell anyone, but Naomi starts to catch on.

Recovers in Infirmary

October 11, 2039 - October 14, 2039

Vivian is unconscious and recovering from her crash in the school infirmary.

Crashes into Atticus

October 11, 2039

During a practice for class, Vivian has a PTSD attack and crashes into Atticus, Riley's dragon.

Surprise Visit from Aiden

October 16, 2039

Vivian gets a visit from her older brother, Aiden, after he hears about her crash.

Bad News

October 16, 2039

Vivian is informed from Headmaster Shaw that because of her condition, she can no longer attend the school.


Vivian's dragon companion


January 13, 2032

Aurora is born to a family of River Dragons owned by the Miles family.

Discovers Special Ability

September 24, 2032

Aurora discovers she has a very special ability; she is able to speak the human language due to a very rare mutation.

Learns to Fly

July 15, 2033

Aurora is finally old enough to learn how to fly.


November 3, 2033

Aurora has her first crash landing. Although she is not injured, Vivian is.

Heads for the Capitol City

May 1, 2039

Aurora and Vivian are picked up by carriage and taken to the Dragon Racing school.

Aiden Miles

Vivian's older brother


June 24, 2013

Aiden Miles is born to Cyrus and Amelia Miles

Sister is Born

March 19, 2019

Aiden's little sister, Vivian, is born.

First Day of School

August 9, 2019

Aiden's first day at the village school. Discovers he has a knack for blacksmithing, but still prefers to go into the family business.

Obtains Dragon

June 24, 2026

Aiden is old enough to pick out his very own dragon. He picks a blood red River dragon with a fiery personality. Names him Blaze.

Obtains Family Heirloom

June 24, 2029

Aiden turns 16 and inherits the male family heirloom, which is a golden belt with a dragon etched into the side.

Meets Kaiya

October 5, 2036

Aiden meets a girl named Kaiya, and the two fall in love.


November 2, 2037

Aiden and Kaiya get married.

Son is Born

May 22, 2039

Aiden and Kaiya's son, Maverick, is born.

Visits Vivian

October 16, 2039

Aiden hears about his sister's crash at school, so he sneaks away to go and visit her.

Riley Powers

Vivian's schoolmate


May 8, 2019

Riley Powers is born to Drayden and Alani Powers.

Experiences First Dragon Race

September 4, 2024

Riley watches his dad race for the first time.


August 9, 2025 - August 10, 2037

Riley begins school at age 6 and ends school at age 18.

Dad Gets Sick

August 24, 2033

Riley's dad become extremely ill. Cause of sickness is unknown.

Inherits Dad's Dragon

December 10, 2036

Before he passes away, Drayden gives his dragon, Atticus, to Riley.

Dad Passes Away

December 10, 2036

Riley's dad, Drayden, passes away from sickness.

Decides to Become Dragon Racer

December 12, 2036

Riley decides to become a dragon racer, just like his father.

Heads for the Capitol City

May 1, 2039

Riley packs up and heads for the capitol city to attend the School of Dragon Racing.

Meets Vivian and Naomi

May 15, 2039

Riley meets the main character, Vivian and her friend, Naomi.

Crashed Into

October 11, 2039

Vivian and her dragon, Aurora crash into Riley and his dragon, Atticus.

Finds Out About Vivian

October 14, 2039

Riley finds out about Vivian's disorder and apologizes for being so rude to her during the school year.

Naomi King

Vivian's roommate and best friend


April 14, 2019

Naomi King is born.

First Day of School

August 9, 2025

Naomi begins her first day of school. Discovers she likes leather working and considers going into it as her main profession.

Parents' Friend Gets New Dragon

August 25, 2025

Her parents' friend buys a new dragon from the Miles family and shows it to Naomi. From this point on out, Naomi becomes fascinated with dragons.

Info About Racing School

September 13, 2025 - June 3, 2033

Naomi begins to gather information about the dragon racing school in the big city. She then finds out that you need your dragon to enroll.

Obtains Her Dragon

April 14, 2034

On Naomi's 15th birthday, her parents surprise her with her very own dragon. She names her Genevieve.

Heads for the Capitol City

May 3, 2039

Naomi heads for the capitol city. Since she lives close by, it only takes a few hours to reach it.

Meets Vivian

May 3, 2039

Naomi meets her roommate Vivian.

Into the City

May 4, 2039

Naomi and Vivian go into the city for the first time and see the sights.

Suspicious of Vivian

May 31, 2039

Naomi begins to become suspicious of Vivian due to her strange behavior.