Grace Honorhall Short Story

Grace Honorhall



Grace is born.

Dropped off at Honorhall Orphanage


A year old infant is found at the steps of Honorhall Orphanage. With nothing but a piece paper with the word "Grace" written on it attached to the cradle, the house takes her in as their own and give her the surname "Honorhall" in respect of the orphanages name.

Grows up in Honorhall Orphanage

05/08/1836 - 08/01/1853

Grace is raised in the Orphanage and leaves for college when she turns 18.

Grace Excells in Gradeschool and Highschool.

8/1/1841 - 5/30/1853

As Graces grows and learns more and more through her studies, her hard work begins to show through her grades and awards given to her. Grace spends countless hours away in her room with her nose in her latest book expanding her mind and imagination to further her quick wit and knowledge.

Age 7 - Grace begins reading books.


Grace's quest for quenching her thirst of knowledge begins as she delves into the books that are offered at Honorhall and the local library.

Age 14 - Grace begins researching augmentations and engineering.


Using the available books to her advantage, Grace begins studying the field of engineering and augmentations. She begins using this knowledge to tinker with broken down parts of old augments and starts repairing steam powered machinery that was deemed "broken beyond repair."

Grace studies Engineering at Daraxia College

08/01/1853 - 01/01/1857

Using her full ride scholarship, Grace begins to study Engineering at Daraxia College of Technology.

Age 18 - Grace leaves Honorhall


Grace leaves Honorhall with the Patron's gift of a steam powered flintlock pistol.

Current Day In Story / Novel Begins


This is where the story leads up to, Grace is halfway through her senior year of college and this is the point where the narrative begins. New Years day has just arrived and Grace begins the story from this point.

Kathleen Augestine



Katie is born.

Grows up in wealthy household.

08/16/1834 - 08/01/1853

Katie's parents never let her go unhappy. Through her years of growing up, if Katie wanted it, she got it. Her parents wealth also helped propel her into her love for airship racing.

Katie proves her natural gift in engineering throughout school.

8/1/1841 - 5/30/1853

Though she may brag about it, Katie does possess a strong ability to work with new augmentations and operating airships.

Age 13 - Begins participating in airship racing.


As the spring of 1848 arrived, Katies father felt it was time that he took her along with him on her first airship ride. She immediately fell in love. The view, the rush of going at top speed, it was the start of her favorite past time.

Age 16 - Recives first augmentation


Katie receives her first augment that goes over her right eye that allows her eagle like vision on objects and terrain miles away. The augment also helps her interact with the airships interface.

Age 18 - KT is gifted arm augmentation, an airship & upgrade for her eye augment


Her parents were so proud with Katie's success in school and airship racing, they gave her even more gifts for her to take advantage of. She received an augmentation for her arm that went from her shoulder all the way down to her wrist. The equipment is specially designed to interface with the latest airship control technology. Her eye augment was upgraded and can display these interface options as well as zoom her vision up to ten times her regular sight and display simple information on others such as height or weight. Lastly, she received her very own airship that she could tend to and race whenever she liked.

Katie studies Engineering at Daraxia College

08/01/1853 - 01/01/1857

Katie leaves home and gets roomed with Grace in the schools dorms


Katie and Grace meet for the first time. Though the two don't get along, they are able to tolerate one another given the circumstances. Katie often teases Grace for her lack of wealth and family.

Current Day In Story / Novel Begins


Callan DeClan



Callan shines in grade and highschool

8/1/1827 - 5/30/1839

Callan spends two years in Daraxia College until the incident.

8/1/1839 - 11/13/1841

The Incident - Callan is badly wounded and expelled from Daraxia College


Callan struggles for work and keeping up with medical bills

12/1/1841 - 4/15/1847

Xavier offers Callan a job at school out of pity


Works as a Janitor at Daraxia College

5/1/1847 - 1/1/1857

Xavier Bennett Daraxia



Xavier grows up recieving gradeschool, highschool, and college educations.

8/1/1807 - 5/30/1824

Works on various projects

6/1/1824 - 7/15/1830

Becomes Teacher at his parents college.

8/1/1830 - 8/1/1840

Member of the board

8/1/1840 - 7/3/1845

Dean of Daraxia College

7/4/1845 - 1/1/1857