Fall of France and Lowlands (Fall Gelb and Fall Rot)

5/10/1940 - 6/25/1940

German army pushes through the Maginot line, flanks the Allied army through the Ardennes to force an evacuation at Dunkirk. Combined with air support, Holland falls. This is soon followed by France, after Germany breaks through defenses at the Somme and sweeps through the country.

Opening of Treblinka 1

December 1941

Treblinka begins as a relatively small camp located in Treblinka, Poland. The camp is centered around hard labour.

Opening of Treblinka 2


Treblinka 2, a top secret concentration and extermination camp, was used for extensive human experimentation. The killing there is second only to Auschwitz. This camp was opened primarily for the extermination of Jews.

Treblinka Revolt

August 2 1943

A group of Jewish prisoners revolts, succeeding in killing some guards and an SS officer, but the revolt fails. Those who do escape are recaptured.

Closing of Treblinka 2


Treblinka 2 is closed.

Fictional Layer

Klaus is wounded


Klaus is shot by a patriotic French citizen in the abdomen as his company marches down the streets. He retaliates, killing his assailant, but must take leave from the SS.

Klaus is transferred to Totenkopfverbände


Klaus is fully recovered from his wound, and receives transfer orders to Totenkopfverbände. He is then assigned to Treblinka 1.

Klaus is moved to Treblinka 2


Klaus's superiors see his outstanding qualities as an SS officer and transfer him to Treblinka 2. Klaus jumps at what is essentially a promotion.

Klaus falls in love


Klaus sees Mr. Smysloski in the yard, and feels strange. He attributes this to an upset stomach ( and is particularly mean because of it) when he overhears fellow SS talk about their loves back home and how they feel and he realizes that is how he feels. He is now what he hates most: gay.

Smysloski escapes

August 2 1943 - August 7 1943

The object of Klaus's affections participates in the revolt, escapes, and is recaptured. He is then subjected to a medical experiment and killed by Klaus, who is tasked to help with the procedure.