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Green Sea Turtles

Historical Proceedings of Hawaii's green sea turtle's population and relevant legislation.

Population Decline

01/01/1900 - 01/01/1950

Population decline because of exploitation for commercial food and high value of leather, skin, flesh, oil, and shells.

Military Activity

1930 - 1950

destructive military activity in french frigate shoals killing off turtles

First sighting of FP

01/01/1938 - 01/02/1938

New York scientists find fibropapilloma tumors on green turtles extracted from Florida Keys. First sighting of disease ever.

Population declines as demand grows

01/01/1950 - 01/01/1958

Population decline increases as demand for gourmet food, cosmetics, leather, flesh, oil, and skin increase.

FP in Hawaii

01/01/1958 - 05/02/2013

Had not been seen since 1930. Disease most likely caused by human pollutants: the cancer of sea turtle world. Cauliflower shaped tumors grow over soft tissue. often fatal.

Population at All time low

01/01/1970 - 01/01/1974

estimated global population between 100,000-400,000

Nesting Population increase

1973 - 2011

nesting population increase
1973- 75
2011- 808

Hawaii issues regulations

01/01/1974 - 05/02/2013

largely ignored. ineffective

Recovery Plan

1/12/1998 - 5/2/2013

Administrative Rules 13-124:lists green
turtle as “indigenous wildlife” and prohibits its
catching, injuring, killing or selling.