Jericho Saxon



January 29, 1982

Parents' Death

May 29, 2000

Jericho's parents die in a car accident.

Meets Andrea

April 19, 2005

Andrea comes into his shop, asking for 3 knives, one steel, one iron, and one silver.


April 20, 2007

Jericho marries the love of his life, Andrea.

Langley Massacre

June 12, 2010

Andrea is murdered at the Langley Massacre, and Jericho's flight to the meeting was delayed.

Jericho starts his downward spiral.

The Accord

July 1, 2010

Archie initiates Jericho into the Accord, for reasons unknown to Jericho.

Finding out about the Truth and what happened at the Langley Massacre, Jericho turns his attention toward the Truth and all of its servants.

The Vigil

August 16, 2010

In his mourning, Jericho decides that he needs answers to what happened to Andrea. The Vigil is his method.

Accord Corps of Engineers, Hammer

March 25 2011

Archie sees the skills Jericho shows as a blacksmith and introduces him to the Corps.

The Cheiron Group

April 19 2011

Archie pulls some strings, and gets Jericho into the fold of The Cheiron Group

First Thuamatech: The Devil's Eye

June 26 2011

Jericho receives his first Thaumatech Endowment, the Devil's Eye, after losing an eye in a fight with a Corrupted Vampire.

The Berserker Splice

November 12, 2011

After an allied werewolf is killed by an abomination, Jericho takes it back to the local Cheiron office for R&D.

Afterward, he receives a Berserker Splice, and a Weapon of Last resort, some werewolf claws in his hands.

The Agonizer

January 19 2012

Another allies dies at the hands of Servants, this time a Mage. He somehow had an Agonizer implanted on him. Cheiron deemed it necessary to give it to Jericho, just in case.

The Twitcher

September 2 2012

Jericho raids a local Vampire's rack with a few fellow Cheiron Group members. The clear the rack, but one of his allies dies in the process. Cheiron gives him the Twitcher his ally had.