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Mexican Revolution


The Revolution that takes place in mexico causes the first immigration into America by Mexicans.

US Modernization


With the roaring 20s beginning and a more modern US, this all demanded for immigration labor from mexico.

Great Depression


With the beginning of the great depression also came a great decrease of immigration to the US by mexicans. Many people actually believed that the mexicans and immigrants where the reason for the job loss that the US was suffering.

The bracero program begins


The bracero program begins allowing Mexican nationals to temporarily work in the United States mainly in the agricultural industry.

Operation Wetback Begins


Operation Wetback had the U.S. Immigration Service deports more than 3.8 million people of Mexican decent, and many of which where American born citizens.



Cesar Chavez organizes the National Farm Workers Association NFWA in Delano California.

Mexican Labor


The first large scale immigration of undocumented Mexican American labor came during the 1880s. a rail road was being constructed connecting the US and Mexico and upon its completion thousands of Mexican workers immigrated into the US.



The passing of the NAFTA and the Mexican economic collapse of 1994, brought about 13 million new undocumented immigrants to the United States over the next 15 years.

Arizona SB 1070


The passing of Arizona SB 1070 allows law enforcement officials who have not been trained in immigration policy to demand papers from any Arizona residents they deem suspicious, generally speaking about residents of Mexican decent.

family history



My mother was adopted by a irish couple in St.Louis so I have no real idea about their history and my father has only ever known his mother and she is of Native American decent so I am also not so sure of that history either.