Manzanar--Could it happen again?

In the World

Immigrants from Japan begin coming to the US


Immigrants from Japan begin coming to the US to seek jobs and other opportunities.

Congress passes the Immigration Act


Effectively stops the immigration of Japanese into the US.

Both Germany & Japan Attack their Neighbors

1931 - 1938

Although Americans were upset by this, they did not want to get into a war in Europe or Asia.

Japan and Germany sign the Anti-Comintern Pact


Fascist Italy joins the the Anti-Comintern Pact


US Establishes Lend-Lease Program

March, 1941

This program supports the "Allies" in their war against Germany, Italy and Japan (aka the "Axis").

Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor


FDR Signs Executive Order 9066


Authorizes the military to remove any or all persons from the West Coast--especially those of Japanese Ancestry.

Rosie Maruki

Rosie Maruki arrives at Manzanar


Rosie was 16 when she boarded the train that brought her to Manzanar with her father, mother, sister and brother.

Hikoji Takeuchi

Hikoji Takeuchi arrives at Manzanar


Hijoki and his family take a train from Los Angeles to Manzanar. "The trip to Manzanar was my first train ride," he said. "We were not allowed to raise the blinds or windows. It was very uncomfortable."

Pete Mitsui

Pete Mitsui arrives at Manzanar


Pete Mitsui comes to Manzanar with his parents, brother and sister.

Yoshiye Togasaki

Yoshiye Togasaki arrives at Manzanar to set up the Medical Unit


Having just opened her own medical practice when the Japanese dropped the bomb at Pearl Harbor, Yoshiye agreed to go to Manzanar to prepare a medical unit for the thousands of people who were about to arrive.

Kango Takamura

Born in Japan


Moves to Hawai'i


Moves to mainland US


Moves to mainland US to pursue a career in the motion picture industry. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, he was working in Hollywood as a photo retoucher for RKO Studios.

Kango Takamura arrives at Manzanar


Kango is released after being questioned by the FBI about the sale of a camera. He joins his family at Manzanar.

Joan DaValle

Born in Los Angeles, CA


Joan DaValle arrives at Manzanar


Twelve-year-old Joan DaValle Beyers came to Manzanar with her mother and sister.

In Manzanar

Population Peaks


The internee population reaches its peak of 10,046.

Manzanar Cooperative Enterprises established


The cooperative includes check cashing services, a general store, a barber shop, a beauty parlor, and mail order service. It grows into a million-dollar-a-year enterprise.

First internees volunteer for military


The first two volunteers for the Army leave Manzanar for Camp Savage, Minnesota. Forty others eventually volunteer.