William Blake


William Blake was born.

November 28, 1757

He was born in London Soho, England.

Began Apprenticeship

August 4, 1772 - August 4, 1779

He worked for an engraver by the name of James Basire. He worked for seven years, and at the end of his term he was a professional engraver.

Began school at Royal Academy

October 8, 1779

His education was free, but he had to purchase his own materials.

Submitted his works at the Academy

1780 - 1808

Met Catherine Boucher


Married Catherine Boucher

August 18, 1782

He married her at St. Mary's Church, Battersea. When they got married, Catherine was illiterate, but William taught her how to read and write.

Poetical Sketches was printed


His first work was printed.

Opened a print shop.


With colleague James Parker

Composed An Island In The Moon


Illustrated Original Stories From Real Life

1788 - 1791

Visions of the Daughters of Albion


Blake was against the cruel nonsense of enforced chastity and marriage without love and defended the right of women to complete self-fulfillment.

The Night of Enitharmon's Joy


Wrote and Illustrated Jerusalem

1804 - 1820

William Blake died.

August 12, 1827

He died in London, England