World History Tmeline


Temujin takes leadership


A Mongol clan leader who's name is Temujin sought to unify the Mongols under his leadership. He fought also and defeated all of his rivals one by one

The new title


Temujin accepted the title Genghis Khan in 1206. This is also known as “universal ruler” of the Mongol clan.

Genghis's anger


After they invaded the northern Jin Empire, Genghis's attention turned to the Islamic region that was west of Mongolia. He was angry by the murders and launched a campaign of terror across central Asia.

Control over Central Asia


Central Asia was under Mongol control. They kept conquering more and more land until they had total control.

Ganghis Khan dies


In 1227 Ganghis died. He didn't die from voilence though, he died from an illness. After his death his successors continued to expand the empire.

The Empire Divides


In 1260 the Mongols had divided their large empire into four seperate regions.These regions are also known as khanates.

Marco Polos travels


In 1275 Marco Polo arrived at khans's court. He learned several Asian languages while traveling, and Kublai Khan sent Polo to other Chinese cities on government missions.

Great khans send groups


The great Khan sent large groups against Japan. The mongols made the Koreans build and provide provisions for the boats.

Kublai Khan dies


In 1294, Kublai Khan died. after his death the Yuan Dynasty began to fade and decline. Kublai's family members couldn't figure out who should rule next, and in the following 8 years, 4 different Khans ruled.

India Timeline

Chandragupta claims the throne

321 BC

In 321 BC Chandragupta gathered an army and killed the unpopular Nanda king which lead to him claiming the throne.

Mauryan Empire Expands

303 BC

After years of fighting, Chandragupta defeated Seleucus. By 303, the Mauryan Empire stretched its empire more than 2000 miles.

Chandragupta's son

301 BC

In3 01 BC Chandragupta's son took the throne. He then ruled for two years.

Asoka becomes king

269 BC

The grandson of Chandagupta becomes king in 269 BC. He waged war and expanded the empire.

Asokzs Death

232 BC

Asoka failed to hold the empire together and died in 232 BC.

Foreign Invaders

185 BC

Greeks, Persians, and Central Asians poured into northern India. These invaders disrupted the Indian society.

Great Kings of Kings


After Chandragupta got married he took the title "Great Kings of Kings" in 320 AD



Samudra became king in 335 AD. He expanded the empire through 40 years of conquest.

Chandragupta II

375 - 415

ChandraGupta the second ruled from 375-415. He strengthened the empire through peaceful means.

Fall of the Empire


The Gupta empire broke into small kingdoms. Many overrun by the Hunas or central Asian nomads. The empire fell in 535.

The destroyed Delhi


Timur the Lame destroyed Delhi in 1398

Babur founds an empire


An 11year old boy named Babur inherited a kingdom in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

A brilliant general


In 1526 Babur led 12,000 troops in a victory against an army of 100,000 troops.


1556 - 1605

Babur's grandson ruled India with wisdom and tolerance for 49 years.

Mumtaz mahal dies


Mumtaz Muhal died when she 39 while giving birth to her 24th child.

Shah becomes ill


Shah Jahan becomes Ill in 1657. The his four sons scrambled for the throne.

Aurangzeb ruled the empire

1658 - 1707

Aurangzeb, the third son of Shah Jahan became Emporer . He was a master at military strategy and aggressive empire building




The plague killed Laura in 1348

Wins control

1434 - 1464

Medici won control of Florence's government in 1434. In 1464 he died but his family continued to control it.

johann Gutenberg


in 1440 a craftsmen from Mainz, johann Gutenberg developed a printing press

war is ended


France and England's hindered year war ended at this time.

Constantinople conquered


The Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453

Statue is created


Donatello's statue was created

Lorenzo de Medici


In 1469 Lorenzo de Medici came to power

Vittoria colanna

1492 - 1597

vittoria colonna, a writer born in a bible family was born in 1492 and died in 1546

albrecht dürer


albrecht dürer traveled to Italy to study in 1494

the praise of folly


in 1509 Erasmus wrote his most famous work, the praise of folly.

niccoló machiavelli


the prince niccoló Machiavelli examines the imperfect conduct of human beings



in 1516 Thomas more wrote the book utopia

B.C book


Baldassare Castiglione wrote a book called the cortier

Flemish painting reaches its peak


Flemish pianting reached its peak after 1550 with the work of Pieter Bruegel the elder.

queen elizabeth I

1558 - 1603

queen elizabeth reigned from 1558 to 1603

William Shakespeare


by 1592 William Shakespeare was living in London and writing many poems and plays to perform at the globe theater