Marco Saucedos Mexican Migration timeline


Mexican Revolution

1910 - 1920

the revolution led to the increase of immigration from Mexico to the U.S for the fist time in U.S history

In need of Mexicans


The U.S outlawed immigration fom Asia, which ment the labor from Mexicans was a major need.

Great Depression


The U.S was in its biggest down fall in history. Thousnds were ouot of jobs

Not in need of Mexicns again


When the great depression broke out and so many people were without jobs. They rounded up the Mexicans or Mexicn looking people and sent them back to Mexico

U.S needs Mexican Labor.. AGAIN


When the geat depession started slowing down and the economy was getting back in order. Then the U.S were lenient with letting Mexicans comming to the U.S for hard and cheap labor

Mr. Luceros dad came to the U.S


U.S hates Mexicans and want them out... again


Starting the 50s the U.S officalls would stop any one walking or driving who looked Mexican

Opertion Wetback


so racist..

Death of Trujillo Regime


Do to the death nof trujillo the was a civil war in the Dominican Republic broke out. Therefore the dominicans started to flea to the U.S.

Mexicos Economy crashes


When Mexicos economy crashes the U.S let only a selected few come to the united states and get hold of a visa. Therefore making them compete for a visa.

Nixon Resigned


after he leves there is some slight trust issues inside the Goverment

Mexican Millions

1970 - 1980

After the resignation of Nixon the immigration issue increases after the charts show a huge increase in the Mexicans migration to the U.S by the hundred millions

U.S in need


when the U.S in the 1980s was very desperate after the the depression came along they were in need of more workers and cheap labors. therefore the Mexicans where a target, by then they had established an opportunity for them to gain citizenship with a easier way.

Salvadorians Percentage


after the civil war in El Salvador there was i very large amount of migration from El Salvador to the United States. one out of every five Salvadorians lives in the U.S which is equivalent to 20% of all Salvadorians

My dads trip to the U.S

1989 - 1991

My dad left mexico in 1989 after my older sister was born. he from there went to California to work very little payed jobs. soon after he brought my mom to the U.S in 1991.

My moms trip to the U.S


My mom had the responsibility to bring my older sister to the united states after my dad had came. she first went to California where my dad was at. Later they had my other sister in California. to later come to Colorado 3 years later and have my one year after that. and from there Colorado has been our home.