History of the Mongols


Temujin unified the Mongols under his leadership


He fought his rivals one by one and came out on top. Temujin was the in charge of everything.

Temujin accepted the title Genghis Khan


He became the universal ruler of the Mongol clans. Over the next 21 years, Genghis led the Mongols to Asia in which he conquered them

Genghis Khan defeats China


Genghis invaded the northern Jin Empire. He then turned to the Islamic region west of Mongolia.

Central Asia goes under Mongol Control


GK launched a campaign of terror across Central Asia. The Mongols then destroyed one city after another.

Genghis Khan dies


Khan dies from illness. His successors continued to expand his empire.

Mongols divide empire


The empire was divided into four regions, or khanates. A descendant of Genghis ruled each khanate.

Marco Polo arrived at Kublai Khan’s court


He traveled by caravan on the Silk Roads with his father and uncle. Marco learned several Asian languages while traveling.

Mongols attempt to conquer Japan


The Genghis sent huge fleets towards Japan. The Mongols forced Koreans to build, sail, and provide provisions for the boats,

Kublai Khan dies


The Yuan Dynasty began to fade. Family members argue over who would rule.


Foreigners came to india


Greeks, Persians, and Central Asians came to India. These invaders disrupted Indian society

Asoka dies


After his death the Mayuran empire fell apart.

Asoka is succeeded to the throne


He followed in Chandragupta’s footsteps. He waged war to expand his empire. In a war against Kalinga, 100,000 soldiers were dead, and even more civilians perished.

Chandragupta claimed the throne


He ruled for 32 years. Then after Chandragupta’s grandson, Asoka

Mauryan empire expands


stretched more than 2,000. It united northern India for the first time politically.

Chandra Gupta I took a title


The title was “Great King of Kings”. His empire included Magadha north of it, with his base along the

Chandragupta claimed the throne


He gathered an army, and killed the Nanda king. Then claimed the throne. This began the Mauryan Empire

Samudra became king


Chanda Gupta II comes to the throne


He strengthen he empire through peace. Such as negotiating.

Gupta II's rule comes to an end


His rule came to an end in 415. His rule had peacefully strengthened his empire.

Empire fails


The empire turns to Huans and central Asian nomads. They took the small kingdoms.

Delhi is Destroyed


Timer the lame is the cause of it. The city was so bad that even a bird didn't fly in the sky.

A new king is born


An 11 year old named Babur inherits the throne. This area is now Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Babur the general


He lead 12,000 soldiers to victory against 100,000 soldiers. This army was commanded by the sultan of Delhi.

Babur's grandson rules

1556 - 1605

Akbar which means great rules the empire. He ruled with wisdom and tolerance.

Mumtaz Mahal dies


She died at the age of 39 while giving birth. She gave birth to her 14th child, and had a tomb built as beautiful as her.

Shah becomes ill


When he became ill his four sons scrambled for the throne. His third son Aurangzeb got it.

Aurangzeb rules

1658 - 1707


Petrarch dies


He wrote poems in Latin and Italian. He wrote sonnets in Italian about laura

Cosimo de Medici has control

1434 - 1464

In 1434 Medici took control of Florence's government. He was also the wealthiest man in Europe.

Leonardo davinci

1452 - 1519

He made books with around 3500 words and drawings. He made the Mona Lisa

Turks com e to power


In 1453 the Turks conquer Constantinople. When they conquered Christian scholars fled to Rome.

The war ends


100 years of war ends. It was very destructive.

Donatello’s statue


It was the first European sculpture of a large, free-standing nude. The last one was in ancient times.

Lorenzo comes to power


In 1469 Cosimo's grandson takes control of the government. He was known as Lorenzo the Magnificent.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

1475 - 1564

He was a renaissance man. He was an amazing artist.

Colonna is born

1492 - 1547

Vittoria Colonna was born of a noble family. In 1509, she married the Marquis of Pescara.



Dürur travels to Italy for study. He is a german

Castiglione publishes a book


Baldassare Castiglione wrote a book called

Pieter peasant life


The Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel’s paintings provide information. They are about about peasant life in the1550s