Caitlin's Greek Timeline


The Minoan Civilisation Begins

3000 BC

It began on the island Of Crete.

The Greeks Fight Troy

1200 BC

This was when the Greeks Fighted Troy. This was a very big battle.

The End Of The Mycenaen Age

1100 BC

After the Mycenaen age,Greece entered a 'Dark Age',during which it suffers famine and depopulation.

Greeks set of by sea

800 BC

This is when the Greeks set of by sea so they can set up colonies.

The First Olmypics Game

776 BC

Greece was the place where the very first olympic games were held. Everyone was very excited for this event.

Poems Written

700 BC

llliad and Odsseusy poems were written by Homer.

The Peloponnesian War

431 BC

Sparta and Athens fight a long war,called The Peloponnesian war from 431 to 404 BC.