Ella Greece timeline


The Greeks

3000 bc - 641

The Greek era begins.

The Greeks fight Troy

1200 BC

Soldiers from the Greece mainland fight the city of Troy.

The dark age

1100 bc

The Greeks enter a dark age of famine and population.

The end of the dark age

800 bc

The dark age ends. The Greeks sail acroos the sea to try and find colanies.

First olympic games

776 bc

The first olympic games are held in Athens.

The llliad and Odyssey poems are written by Homer

700 bc

The llliad is a long poem dating back to the 700's BC and is said to be by a man named Homer.

Democracy is founded in Athens

500 bc

Democaracy is founded in Athens but only men are aloud to vote for the way the city is run.

The Greeks defeat the persians

490 bc

The battle of the marothan is held. 10,000 Greek's fight 20,000 persians in a war.

A sea battle

480 bc

A sea battle between the Greeks and the Persions takes place at Salamis, a place not far from Athens.

Sparta invades Greece

480 bc

A hug e Persian army tries to invade Greece. Barring the way at the mountain pass of Thermopylae are 300 Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas.

The classical age of Greece begins

480 bc

Greeks golden age

443 bc

The Peloponnesian war

431 bc - 404 bc