WWII: The Pacific


Pearl Harbor

Dec 7, 1941

The beginning of the US official involvement in WWII when the Japanese launched an invasion on Pearl Harbor killing 2000 people. This was the first time the US was invaded in over one hundred years.

Further Expansion

Dec 10, 1941 - Dec 25, 1941

The Japanese further their expansion in the Pacific by invading Hong Kong and the Phillipines while they captured Guam. In addition they take Burma, the Wake Islands, and Borneo over this five day period.

Death Marches

April 10, 1942

The Japanese has just taken control of the Phillipines and 76,000 POW's are forced to walk sixty miles to a work camp. Over 12,000 of these men were Americans.

Battle of the Midway

June 4, 1942 - June 5, 1942

The turning point in the war where the US holds the Japanese back and keeps them from gaining the Midway Islands (the halfway point between the US and Japan). The Japanese here lose 4 carriers and the US loses 2.

The Allies Strike Back

Jan 22, 1943 - Feb 9, 1943

The allies first take New Guinea from the Japanese when the British invade the island. US troops fight back and take over Burma. Troops in Guadalcanal push back the Japanese and they retreat from the island.

The Last Attack

April 7, 1944

The Japanese make one last offensive in the fight for the Pacific when they attack a US airbase in Eastern China. The Japanese fail in this attack and they are now on the defensive for the rest of this war.


July 27, 1944

After weeks of fighting, the US troops break through Japanese lines and liberate Guam.


Dec 17, 1944

The US army begins preparation for the atomic bomb they will drop on Japan by establishing the 509th Composite Group.

Iwo Jima

Feb 19, 1945

The US army launches an offensive in Iwo Jima. Their troops were mainly composed of infantry units and aircraft.

FDR dies

April 12, 1945

Franklin Roosevelt dies on April 12 leaving his vice president Harry Truman to run the country.


July 5, 1945

On this date, the US declares victory in the Phillipines and that date is declared liberation day.

Atomic Bomb

Aug 6, 1945

Hiroshima was struck by an atomic bomb killing nearly two hundred thousand people.

The Japanese Surrender

August 14, 1945

The Japanese accept an unconditional surrender after the second atomic bomb was launched on Nagasaki. Japan nearly lost three hundred thousand citizens in total in almost two weeks.