5328 -Creation of the Phorian Alliance

5328 - 5329

Janek Cellen had always been an ambitious young man. Much like his father Fvalir, he was also very idealistic. But unlike his father, he was not content to sit back and let the Galactic Order treat people like cattle. So in Publishing his "manifesto of Freedom" at the end of which he invited the reader to join him in peacefully abandoning the corruption of an oppressive society. He effectively became the defacto leader of thousands of disgruntled citizens who all felt brave enough to defect from the Order and form a new "Alliance" on a desolate planet called Phoran.


Janek Cellen marries Mi'leah Zaro

01/01/5325 - 01/02/5325

Fvalir Cellen and Saltore Zaro, best friends from their youth, always thought it would be good to jon their families. Having Saltore's second daughter, Mi'leah, marry Fvalir's only child, Janek, seemed like a dream come true.
In truth, ever since going to the academy to study and being paired with a young Feyhen, the pair were inseperable. Janek's idealism paired with Feyhen's cunning played very well for Feyhen. Which made Janek's father's insitance that he marry and settle on na'coor very inconvenient. Feyhen followed and set up opperations. but soon grew tired of the slow paced life and urged Janek to more stimulating pursuits, unfortunately it was difficult to manipulate Janek while he was on his home planet, his passion for justice and the plight of his people being his biggest weakness.

Fvalir Cellen dies

01/01/5335 - 01/02/5335

After many years of estrangement with his son, Fvalir Cellen succumbs to illnes, unable to reach his son to pass on the keys. They are stored in the temple. He hopes that Janek will return to the old ways before it is too late. Their family must carry on the legacy.

J'harin born to Mi'leah

05/01/5336 - 05/02/5336

J'harin is born on Na'coor. His aunt Krin comes to help care for the baby as Janek is off caring for his precious Alliance and apparently has no time for his wife or their child. Due to the conflict surrounding Janek's popularity and staus in the Order, the boy's birth is kept a secret.

Krin Zaro marries Odren Ruir

01/01/5338 - 01/02/5338

Krin meets and Marries Odren Ruir. Janek performs the ceremony on one of his rare visits to the planet, performing a sealing rather than a contractual Joining.

Mi'Leah Killed

01/01/5339 - 01/02/5339

In order to keep her from influencing Janek, and getting in the way of his plans for the Alliance. Feyhen, Janek's second in command and right hand man, Murder's Mi'leah. It is evening, she is sitting outside while her son is down for a nap. Krin and Odren are our for a walk. She is strong, defiant, never gives away that Janek has a child, not to this man that she has never trusted. She dies with great dignity. Feyhen returns to his manipulation of Janek. Janek returns briefly to oversee the funeral, Feyhen and his personal guard at his side.

J'na is born

08-01-5342 - 08-02-5342

J'na (pronounced Jenna) is born to Krin and Odren. they have been raising J'harin as their own.

Children arrive on cordon prime.

2/1/5345 - 2/2/5345

Janek Dies

01-01-5347 - 01/02/5347

Janek, Krin and Odren actually are all killed by Feyhen, whom has grown impatient with Janek's ability to overcome his mind control. And now that Janek will have a child (K'garen will be born to Sarai) he can use Janek as a martyr and the child as a puppet.