School Violence in USA


Bath township Michigan


A single man killed 45 people in Bath town Michigan. 38 of the people killed were children. This became the deadliest killing spree in school anyone has seen.

Dunblane school massacre

March 13, 1996

The shooter was 43 years old Thomas Hamilton. He came into the school with four guns, killing 17 kids and one adult before he committed suicide.

Charles Whitman

August 1, 1996

15 people were killed in this school shooting. Charles Whitman was the shooter, and he just went on a rampage at a Texas university. One of the cops were able to get a clear shot of Charles and ended up shooting him.

Erfurt Massacre

April 26, 2002

This shooter was a 19 year old who got expelled from school. He went from classroom and classroom shooting people. I got to see who the victims all and most of them were teachers. At the end of the day a teacher got the shooter to talk to him, and the teacher got him into a locked room, but the shooter already knew that he did enough, so shortly after that he committed suicide.

Virgin Tech Massacre

April 16, 2007

He killed 32 people, and injured 17 others, and another 6 others were injured when he jumped out the window to escape. This school shooting took place at a university. They are saying right before he did it he was diagnosed with being mentally ill.

Sandy Hook Massacre


Killed his mother, and then went to Sandy Hook school and killed 26 people. Most of them were kids. He shot his way to school, and everyone he could find he would shoot them, after that he got himself.

Walpole New hampshire

Feb 10 2012

A 14-year-old student shot himself in front of 70 fellow students.

Jacksonville Florida

March 6 2012

Shane Schumerth, a 28-year-old teacher at Episcopal High School, returned to the campus after being fired and shot and killed the headmistress, Dale Regan, with an assault rifle

Oakland California

April 2 2012

One Goh, a 43-year-old former student at Oikos University, a Christian school populated by mostly Korean and Korean-Americans, opened fire on the campus, killing seven people and wounding several others.

Lone star college

April 9, 2013

14 people were injured in a school stabbing. The stabber was attacking people in there college classes. Most of these students got stabbed in the neck, but all of them survived. The attacker got arrested.