Untitled timeline


Outlawed Immigration from Asia

1920 - 1921

The united states did not let anyone that was from Asia immigrate to America. This increaseed demand for labor.

The Mexican Revolution

1920 - 1921

Increased immigration from far mexico for the first time in the US history

The Great Depressiom

1930 - 1940

Loss of jobs everywhere

Mexicans Blamed

1930 - 1931

Mexicans were deported back to mexico because Americans believed they were the ones to blame for taking everyones jobs away. They deported Mexican Americans as well.

Operation WETBACK

1954 - 1955

The US sent mexicans that were illegal AND legal back top mexico. ( In the Mexican Barrios)

Domincans Migrate to US

1960 - 1961

Dominicans seek work in America

My grandmother first came to America

1968 - 1969

Testing the waters to see if she wants to make a new life here in Denver, CO. She was one of the first few from La Noria, Zacatecas to put Zacatecans in the US map. She worked in the fields to save up money.

Immigrants from Mexico

1970 - 1971

8% increase from mexican immigrants trying to find a better life

Grandma brought her Kids to USA

1976 - 1977

My grandma immigrated to Denver with her four kids (Including my mom). my mom was 4 years old.