Immagration History


Asian Migration

1920 - 1930

In this era the U.S. didn't allow Asians to migrate into the U.S. anymore. Also, Mexicans started migrating to the us during this time because WW1 begin many men were shipped to war, allowing more job opportunities for immigrants.

Great Deppresion

1930 - 1940

The U.S. economy had dropped and entered the Great Depression, many banks shut down which led to thousands of people loosing there money not able to get it back. Also, stock markets crashed and businesses were shutting down, Everyone was loosing money.

The Bracero Program

1940 - 1950

The 1940's it was a time were war had just broken out the U.S had went to WW2 in 1941 with Germany. With a majority of the men sent our for combat, many job opportunities were open. So the U.S. starting the Bracero program. This program allowed farmers to hire Mexicans to work on there farms because at the time there weren't enough people to maintain them.

Operation Wetback

1950 - 1960

Operation Wetback was a plan the government came up with to get rid off all the Mexican Americans in the U.S. that looked illegal. In a result the Mexican Americans that were shipped back about 60% of them were citizen, so the US got into trouble because they sent them back illegally.

Dominican Immagration

1960 - 1970

During the 60's the U.S. had started to try to keep immigrants from the Dominican Republic out of there country. Also, during the time they had past the act that had allowed to removed all of the racial quotes from the 20's.

Population Growth

1970 - 1980

The Mexican population inside of the United States after the 70's, had sky rocketed, also great artist still existed like Jimi Hendrix, and awesome events like Woodstock.

Immagtion Act of 1986

1980 - 1990

This act allowed Mexicans to stay inside the U.S. as long as they apply for citizenship. Also civil war broke out in El Salvador, so the many Salvador's that were in the us were granted refugee citizenship.

Immagration sky rockets

1990 - 2000

Because of the civil war that broke out in El Salvador, many immigrants in the U.S. were from El Salvador. There were 1.5 immigrants in the U.S. at the time.

Economy drops


In 2008 the economy had dropped in the U.S., also the laws that were passed in Arizona had caused a lot of Mexicans to be discriminated against. Also the Dream Act was introduced.

Family History

Grandpa was born


My Grandfather was born some time in the 1940's, he was born in New Mexico.

Dad was born


This was the year my father was born, he was also born in New Mexico along with the majority of my family.

Mom was born


This was the year my mom was born, and like my dad she was also born in New Mexico.

Oldest sister was born


This was the year that my oldest sister was born, she as well like the rest of my family was born in New Mexico.



This was the year my second oldest sister was born she as well was born in New Mexico.

Move to Colorado


This was the year my mom, dad, and my two older sisters had moved to Colorado. At the time she was pregnant when they moved to Colorado so this was also the year I was born. I was the only one out of my whole family born in Colorado.