Untitled timeline

Latin Immigration

The Mexican Revolution

1910 - 1920

War between Mexico and U.S. declaring statehood on Mexico.
Separation between Mexico and U.S.

Mexican Immigration

1920 - 1930

The Mexican Revolution led to increased immigration from Mexico to the first time in U.S. history.
The US outlawed immigration from Asia, which increased demand for labor from Mexico.
Nativists groups were organized: KKK

The Great Depression

1930 - 1940

The Great Depression occurred due to loss of jobs in US.
Repatriation: Deportation of Mexicans because due to job loss they had to give up theirs for US citizens.

Mexican Jobs

1940 - 1950

World War II began in 1941 leading Mexican immigration to boom due to all the jobs that were left by those who left for war.
Bracero program was established allowing farmers to hire Mexicans to work for them without being deported

Operation Wet Back

1950 - 1960

Operation Wet Back was an operation that the government took in hand which led to Mexican deportation.
Although they thought that they were sending Mexicans back, they would just send ANYONE who even looked Mexican.
US officials took those of Latin decent that were US citizens with force deporting them back to Mexico where they didn't belong.

Civil Rights Reform

1960 - 1970

Rapid population growth and declining economic conditions in Mexico.
Caused undocumented workers populations to boom.
Civil Rights Reform, first time Mexicans could compete for visa's; this was the start of Illegal Immigration.

Immigration Reform and Control Act

1970 - 1980

Immigration Reform and Control Act:
All illegal citizens of the US can apply for amnesty and can get citizenship.

El Salvador

1980 - 1990

Flood of immigrants from El Salvador cam to US due to the Civil War in El Salvador.


2000 - 2013

The DREAM Act:
Allows all illegal immigrants to attend a University and have a future inside the US, it also gives them a right to work and be citizens. If you attend a high school in the US for 3 years and graduate you can qualify for the DREAM Act.

My Family's Immigration

Great Grandma Vigil (Mom)

1929 - 2004

Born in Denver, CPr

Great Grandpa Bobadilla (Mom)

1930 - 2011

Born in Zacatecas, Mexico but later moved to New Mexico for work and better life for familPr

Great Grandpa Bustillos (Dad)

1930 - 1998

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico he was a son to a wanted man my Mexican officials like Pancho Villa and as they were trying to flea my great grandpas mother couldnt hold him in any longer and there he was born. Although, he later moved to Denver, CPr

Great Grandma Bobadilla

1932 - 2013

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming but moved to Mexico right after birth. Meets Great GrandpPr

Grandpa Bobadilla (Mom)

1940 - 2013

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and came to Denver by himself after adulthood for work. There he met my grandmPr

Grandma Bustillos (Dad)

1946 - 2013

Born in Greeley, CPr

Grandma Vigil (Mom)

1946 - 2013

Born in Denver, CPr

Munoz Family

1956 - 2013

My Great Grandparents brought my grandma and her siblings to Denver in June due to work after my great grandfather left the militarPr

Grandpa Bustillos (Dad)

1957 - 2013

Born in Denver, Pr

Bobadilla Family

1973 - 2013

My great grandparents from my moms side stood i Mexico all the way to their last born of 11. They moved to Sun land Park, New Mexico right near the boarder and where my great grandpa built the house it still lies today and is he house my family lives iPr

Dad Was Born

1974 - 2013

Born in Denver, CPr

Mom Was Born

1976 - 2013

Born in Denver, CPr


1996 - 2013

Born in Denver, Co being the first member of the 3rd generation in both mom and dads familPr