Untitled timeline


Mom's Adolescence

1975 - 1985

-Usually an A or B student, occasionally C
-Played softball
-loved listening to music
-loved supporting school sports
-hung out with friends
-smoking and underage drinking
-grew up in North Carolina

Parents' Adolescence

1975 - 1985

My parents were in their adolescent years during the late 70's and early 80's.

Mom and Dad get married


They had a small wedding in New Jersey. My mom's parents couldn't be there. After they got married, they lived in New Jersey for a while before moving out to Colorado.

Preconventional: Stage 1


-life as a baby is all about "me, me, me"
-screamed every time my parents took me to Red Robin
-Example: told my mom that I hated her when she took my brother home from the hospital because it ruined my life
-based my actions on punishments (i.e. I can't hit my mom or I will be put in time out)

Sensorimotor Stage

October 1995 - October 1997

-first word was "dada" when I was around 1
-said "ka" after that in reference to the dog
-said "mama" after that
-very easy tempered except when schedule changed (i.e. nap times, feeding times, etc)
-used verbal expression rather than hitting or screaming

Alice is Born!

October 18, 1995

Born 8 pounds 3 ounces
20ish inches long

Preoperational Stage

October 1997 - October 2002

-Engaged in a lot of imagination-based play (i.e. using a box as a house, playing "kitchen", dolls, etc)
-really started to become "decentered" when my brother was born; didn't really understand why he was there; outright told my mother that I hated her
-this stage was kind of shortened (didn't go all the way until I was 7 really) because I went to a charter school that was designed to be very structured and rigid with little room for imagination and play

Bryce is Born

november 2, 1998

Preconventional: Stage 2


date is approximate
-started to do actions based on what I could get out of them rather than what punishment I would get for doing it (i.e. going to school=gold star on a paper and praise from a teacher; doing my chores=earning some money/TV time, etc)

Conventional: Stage 3


date is approximate
-social norms defined behavior and dress outside of school (our school had uniforms)
-used the good girl mentality to get things in life (i.e. good grades, mentor relationships with teachers, praise and approval, etc)

Concrete Operational Stage

October 2002 - October 2007

-really was getting into figure skating and becoming good and passionate about it
-was placed in advanced math classes and reading groups because of my ability to understand higher level concepts
-loss of interest in imaginary games and play
-really good spatial and rational thinking skills from years of skating with other people in which I might be disoriented and still have to dodge people on the ice
-started to develop a love of writing and poetry and was good at it

My Adolescence

2005 - 2015

-late elementary school-high school years
-figure skating
-Student Council
-Mostly A student, occasional B
-volunteering at hospital

Formal Operational

October 2007 - October 2011

-honors classes
-continued reach for good grades and an Ivy League school
-understanding of hypothetical situations and planned for them (i.e. if this happens on the ice, I will do this. If I fall off the blocks in swimming, I can do this.)
-understanding of problem solving in math and life (i.e. Student Council: plan for the worst, hope for the best)
-understanding of verbal and non-verbal cues by people to help understand how to talk to people
-beginning of volunteering at the hospital
-beginning to understand what I want from my life and how I can achieve those things
-set goals for life
-understanding of real life potential dangers (i.e. driving, drinking, drugs, smoking, etc.)

Moved from Cheyenne Mountain to Manitou

August 2009

Conventional: Stage Four


-beginning of high school=beginning of a new life where I didn't have to define myself based on social norms (i.e. body image, clothing styles, grades, etc)
-learning to drive=basing my actions on what the law says (speeding, lights, signs, etc)
-never vandalized again after the one time where I almost got caught and realized that just because I got away with it doesn't mean it's right

Start of High School

August 2010