The European Union


Council of Europe


The start of progress towards cooperation between European nations.

Schuman Plan


Several European nations sign to run their coal and steel industries with a common management in order to promote cooperation.

Treaty of Rome


An offshoot of the Schuman plan, the nations expanded it to make travel and trade easier between countries.

The Berlin Wall

August 1961

The Berlin Wall is constructed

Removal of Customs Duties

July 1968

The Schuman Plan countries remove custom duties, effectively creating the world's largest trading network.

Addition to the EU

January 1973

Ireland, the UK, and Denmark are admitted to the EU.

EU Elections


For the first time, citizens elect members of the EU Parliament



Greece joins the EU.

More Expansion

January 1986

Spain and Portugal join the EU.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

November 1989

The Berlin Wall falls.

Eu Treaty

February 1992

The treaty to establish a single currency is signed, and name "European Union" is formally adopted.

EU Expansion

January 1995

Eastern European countries added to the EU

EU Constitution


25 countries sign a treaty to establish a consitution for the EU.