World War 2 Timeline


Hitler is Arrested in Beer Hall Putsch

November 8, 1923

Interrupted speech and announced the rise of the Third Reich.

Hitler Imprisoned for Treason

May 1924 - December 20, 1924

Put in prison for treason against the Weimer gov'd. Wrote his book of his ideology, Mein Kampf while in prison. Judge was lenient.

Hitler Moves Troops to Rhineland

March 1936

France nor England do anything, although it breaks the Treaty of Versilles. They let it slide, so that if they let him do this small thing, perhaps nothing too big will happen in the future.

Hitler Annexes Sudetenland and Austria


Rape of Nanking

December 1937 - January 1938

Japanese military brutally massacre and rape all the Chinese citizens of Nanking, a sacred city.

The Manhattan Project

1939 - 1945

Building and testing of the Atom Bomb

Hitler and Stalin Make Pact

August 23, 1939

Hitler and Stalin sign a pact of non agression

Germany Invades Poland

September 1, 1939

Germany and Russia invades Poland

UK and France declare war on Germany

September 3, 1939

Both allies of Poland, they declare war on Germany too.

Embargo Placed on Japan


Battle of Britan

July 10, 1940 - October 31, 1940

Germany bombed Britain for 6 months before retreating

Japanese-American Internment Camps

1941 - 1948

Camps set up for Japanese-Americans in the West so there was no risk of spies.

Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Japan bombs Naval fleet and AF in Hawaii, so that we have less military to fight them with.

Philippines Campaign

December 22, 1941 - May 19, 1942

Japanese invade and conquer the Philippines, taking them from the USA.

US Firebombs Tokyo

April 18, 1942

Doolittle comes up w/ idea to drop firebombs onto Tokyo from an aircraft carrier. Bombs set everything on fire, and because Japanese cities were made of paper and wood, everything burned.

Battle of Midway

June 4, 1942 - June 7, 1942

Turning point of naval war for the US, only 6 months after Pearl Harbor. USA destroyed large Japanese fleet.

Germany Invades Soviet Union

August 1942

Germany breaks pact and invades Russia, heading towards Stalingrad

Battle of Guadacanal

August 7, 1942 - February 9, 1943

Very terrible conditions on island of Guadacanal. USA won


August 23, 1942 - February 2, 1943

Germany attacks city of Stalingrad using Blitzkreig, and fails. No one allowed to evacuate city.

Operation Overlord Planning begins


USA and Britain plan the liberation of France and the rest of Europe from the Nazi's iron grip


June 6, 1944

USA and UK attack the beaches of Normandy and open the gateways to Europe

Battle of the Bulge

December 1944 - January 1945

Germany tried to fight back one more time against the Allies as they were pushed towards Berlin. They tried to attack the Allie's weakest part in their defense.

Battle of Iwo Jima

February 19, 1945 - March 26, 1945

Very brutal. Similar to battle of Okinawa. Kamikaze fighting on behalf of the Japanese. Tunnels under island.

Eisenhower's troops cross the Rhine

March 23 1945

Eisenhower crosses the Rhine river into Germany after liberating France to push back Germany towards Berlin

USA Reclaims Okinawa

April 1 1945 - June 22, 1945

USA captured Okinawa, an actual island of Japan. Good stronghold for airforce and navy

Hitler Marries Eva

April 28, 1945

Hitler and Eva marry before the Red Army invades Berlin

Hitler and Eva Commit Suicide

April 29, 1945

Hitler shoots himself in the head and Eva takes poison pills just a day after their wedding.

Soviet Red Army Liberates Berlin

April 30, 1945

The Red Army fights their way to Berlin to get to the Nazis and to liberate Europe.

VE Day

May 8, 1945

Day that Nazi's surrendered to Allies

Soviet Union Invades Japan

August 9 1945 - August 20 1945

After Little Boy is dropped on Hiroshima, Russians invade Manchuria (puppet state) to try to get the Japanese to surrender.

US drops Little Boy on Hiroshima

December 6 1945

To blow up the Japanese' army and factories. War could have gone on much longer if no bomb had been dropped.

US drops Fat Man of Nagasaki

December 9, 1945

Japan doesn't surrender after Little Boy is dropped on Hiroshima, but they finally surrender after Fat Man is dropped.

The Marshall Plan


13 nations got $22 billion to stabilize economies in exchange for democracy