Megan's Family History


The Smoot Brothers-Shannon Family Descendants- arrive from England


Relative- General James Longstreet battles with General Lee at Gettysburg

July 1, 1863

My maternal great-grandfather fights in WWI


My Grandpa Shannon is born

February 4, 1931

My Grandpa Patterson is born

March 1, 1936

My Grandma Patterson is born

August 30,1940

My maternal grandfather fights in the Korean War

November 11, 1951 - August 5, 1953

My maternal grandfather and grandmother get married

March 29, 1952

My Aunt Dee is born

April 1, 1955

Mary Patterson arrives in Texas from New York

August 1983

My mom and dad get married

June 1, 1985

Brian Patterson is born

June 28,1989

Kevin Patterson is born

January 7, 1995

We move into the house I grew up in

August 30,1996

I was born

October 23,1998