Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Neolithic Period

6000 BC

The Greeks set off by sea to explore and set up colonies.
Also Greeks settled in Sesklo in 5500 BC, it was before the Neolithic Period. They were introduced pottery and caring for animals.
They traveled often because of over population.

Another way of traveling into Greece is from one island to another and types of settlements were found in Knossos and Kythnos.


3000 BC

They lived on the island of Crete and people called Minoans. The island of Crete is found in the center of the eastern Mediterranean at crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Around 1700 BC an earthquake hit Crete and destroyed most of the Minoan civilization.

Trojan war

1250 BC

During the war the prince of Troy,Hector,and Achilles died. They lasted more than ten years until the Greek armies retreated from camp,leaving a large wooden horse outside of Troy.
After arguing the Trojans brought the "gift" in the city. At night the horse opened and the army lead by Odysseus climbed out, and attacked the Trojans.
After the Greeks defeated Troy they made there way home.

Dark Ages

1100 BC

During the dark ages old major settlements were abandoned and population decreased dramatically in numbers.
For 300 years Grecians lived in small groups because of there new lifestyle as pastors, they also had livestock needs.

Later in the dark ages Greeks relearned how to write, instead of using old ways of writing they adapted how to write the same alphabet of the Phoenicians. Greeks alphabet formed into the English alphabet we use today.
Only one thing positively good came from the dark ages of Greeks, the deconstruction of the Mycenaean economic and strict social structures rule was forgotten. That allowed Athens to become a democratic place in the 5th c. BC.

Olympic Games

776 BC

Greeks invented an athletic game to honor their Gods. Wars were put on hold so people could travel easily. Women were not allowed to watch the game,and only Greek nationals were allowed to participate.

At Olympia there were 4 different types of races; The first was stadion, the oldest event of the Games, where runners sprinted for 1 stade, the length of the stadium. The other races were a 2-stade race, and a long-distance run which ranged from 7 to 24 stades.The fourth type of race involved runners wearing full amor, which was 2-4 stade race , used to build up speed and stamina for military purposes.
On other days, wrestling, boxing, and the pancratium, a combination of the two, were held. In wrestling, the aim was to throw the opponent to the ground three times, on either his hip, back or shoulder. In ancient Greek wrestling biting and genital holds were illegal.

Golden Age

480 BC

In the Golden Age of Greece the Grecian states in the peninsula received a high status in culture and political constancy.
During the "Golden Age" they did a building project called the Acropolis. The "Golden Age" ended when Alexander died at the age of 32.
This Age is also known as the "Periclean Age," after well respected Pericles who was leading statesman of Athens' at the time.
During this period Greece achieved gigantic achievements in the arenas of: government, art, philosophy, drama and poetry. This Era showed the creation of democracy in Athens.