History of Geometry

Brief overview to the history of geometry in the world


Hammurabi becomes King of Babylon

1790 BCE

Babylonian Geometry Discovered

1600 BCE

Begin of the Babylonian "dark ages"

1595 BCE

Thales' Discovery

600 BCE

Thales discovers the calculation of the height of an Egyptian pyramid using the shadows.

Athens, Greece lays foundation for a Democracy

594 BCE

Pythagoras' Pythagorean Theorem

530 BCE

Pythagoras discovers the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Alexander the Great founds Alexandria in Egypt

332 BCE

Euclid's Elements

300 BCE

Euclid's Elements is composed as a work of mathematical writings.

Siege of Syracuse

212 BCE

Archimede's Tomb Stone

212 BCE

Archimede's tomb stone is home to the proof of the sphere circumscribed in a cylinder, which is his most important proof.

Sieve of Eratosthenes

194 BCE

Eratosthenes discovers the sieve for finding all prime numbers up to n.

Louis XIII Gets Crowned


Louis XIII gets crowned at the age of 17.

Fermat's Analytic Geometry

1637 - 1638

Descartes' Analytic Geometry

1637 - 1638

Royal Court in France moves to Versailles