Tiananmen Square

Main Events from the Protests

Students Start To Protest

April 17, 1989 - June 5, 1989

A protest began by students against the Chinese government. This protest that began with just students ended up being lead by students, but teachers, and repoters, and Navy men, and factory workers, and women portested. But what was meant to be peacefull protests on the streets of China, ended up being a "War Zone" in Beijing, China.

The World Starts To Watch

April 28, 1989 - May 3, 1989

At this point the world started to notice the the growth of the protests, and started to focus their eyes on the event.

Material Law Declared

May 19, 1989

Li Peng, the Premier of the Republic of the People in China at the time made a public apearnce to the protesters telling them the Material Law has been established.

Troops 1st Attempt to Enter Beijing

May 20, 1989 - May 24, 1989

On May 20th, the Chinese government sends PLA Troops to take over Beijing, and frighten protesters to stop the protests. The PLA Troops were unsucesfull because millions of citizans went on the streets making the tanks and trucks not move. The cictizens were succesfull, and kept the soldiers their for days. Trying to stop the soldiers, and telling them to join. The citizens fed the soldiers, and kept them healthy, this touched the hearts of the soldiers.

All Military Troops from China Invade Beijing

May 25, 1989 - June 1, 1989

After trying to stop the protests so many times, the Chinese government sent ALL military troops from ALL militrary districts. This is the cause of the Tienenmen Sqare masacre.

The Tiananmen Square Masquer Begins

June 3, 1989

When news broke that thousands of soldiers were coming from all over China into Beijing. And that the troops were to clear the square by dawn, all of the protesters and Beijing citizens went to block every major intersection in the city of Beijing. After a bit of time, by around 10:30 PM next a apartment building filled with representatives and party members with their families, protesters start to be aggressive. Protesters start yelling and throwing stones at the Chinese soldiers, and one protester sets a truck or bus on fire. that is when the soldiers prepared themselves and were ordered to fire. They fired with AK - 47 guns, and used in bullets that are supposed to be used in the field. This was the killing of the unknown amount of Chinese un-armed citizens, that were protesting for freedom.

Dawn After the Massacre

June 4, 1989

By dawn of June 4, 1989, the Chinese military has already taken up the square. With a death toll that until today as no official number. After killing many un-armed people, the ones who had survived and were surrounded by soldiers were given a choice to stay and end up dying, or leave. The student leader made the decision to leave. And by about 10:00 AM, the square was ruled by the Chinese military.

Protesters's Parent Try to Find Children's Bodies

June 4, 1989

By mid-day of June 4th, the parents, guardiens, and protesters, tried to seek for their friend, family, children, and loved ones. But as the people came, the military posed another threat, counting to 10, then the soldiers will start shooting. So the people fled for their lives, and every 30 to 45 minutes they did this. They tried about a dozen times, but was faced with a life or death situation. Even ambulances tried to come in, but were rejected, and shot down.

The Most Un-Forgetable Moment In History.

June 5, 1989

By June 5th, things were quite in Beijing, and the soldiers prepared as they were leaving. As tanks rolled down the Avenue of Eternal Peace, an unknown man, with his groceries stopped crossing the streets, in front of the tanks. The tanks then stopped, and it isn't known what he said, but, he yelled at the people in the tanks. He climbed on the tank and yelled, and as the tank tried to go around him, he stepped in front of the tank. And he did so a couple of times. Meanwhile, the man who had taped all of what happened in the previous days, was taping, and taking a picture of what happened. And as he did so, the man noticed that the public security caught him. So the man emedietly hid the camera under the cap of the toilet. And after about a day he sent the picture back to the USA.

Sub-Main Events

First Rally of Protesters In Tienenman Sqare

May 4, 1989

On May 4th, 1989, Student Protesters lead all the protesters in Tienenman Square. The students promist to go back ot their classes, but protest will continue to happen.

Material Law Plans

May 17, 1989

Starting to plan for Material Law.


The Protests Grow in China

April 27, 1989

According to Jan Wong (Foreing Jurnalist at the time of protests) she said that at this point "1 in 10 Chinese citizens were involved in the protests." and she means that it is happening all around China.

Students Return to Learning

May 5, 1989 - May 12, 1989

Students returned to their proper place, school. But some couple of students did not go back to school, and decided to stay in the streets and protest. While some that returned to school, were still making plans for protests and hunger strikes.

Planing Starts for Material Law

May 17, 1989

Students and the Chinese government try to plan for the Material Law.