Nullification Crisis Timeline

Made by Gabe Yonker.


Tariff of 1828

1828 - 1850

A law that raised taxes, and was disliked by the Southern states.

Tariff of 1832

1832 - 1850

Another tariff that increased taxes. Angered South Carolina further. They nullified again, and threatened to seced or leave the nation. This angered the Government. They disallowed them with "The force bill" and was prepared to send in troops to enforce the law.

Nullification Act

1832 - 1850

Of the southern states, South Carolina was especially upset. They declared that they could nullify, or deny, any law passed by government. The government disagreed, and disallowed them to nullify.

Onwards to war...

1850 - 1860

South Carolina was upset that they could not nullify any of the governments laws. They had a bitter resentment towards the federal government, and to its Northern supporters. This would eventually become a cause for the Civil War.

Clay's compromise


Henry Clay, South Carolina governor, was told to create a compromise. He said that the tariff taxes would be removed by 10% every year. This was passed, but South Carolina was still unhappy that they wouldn't be able to nullify future acts or tariffs.

Civil War begins