Untitled timeline


Roanoke Island


Sir Walter Raleigh



Sir Humphrey Gilbert (failed)

English arrive Jamestown, VA

  1. Virginia Company a. No gold b. Grow food and find marketable good c. Attract more settlers i. 1618 – Gave out 50 acres of land to anyone who paid for own or other’s right of passage
  2. The House of Burgesses (undemocratic) a. Landowners only could vote b. Appointed governor could veto anything c. Many colonies adopted this type of political structure

Henry Hudson explores Hudson


Tobacco Brides

1620 - 1621


Sept 1620

Pilgrims arrive Cape Cod
2. Mayflower Compact:
a. “just and equal laws”
b. authorized by self chosen representatives
c. 1st governmental frame in the US

Massachusetts Bay Colony


London merchants who supported the Puritans → profit through trade with Indians

Great Migration

1621 - 1642

21000 Puritans move to MA
i. Religious persecution
ii. Instability of future in England
iii. Hope for better economy

The Uprising of 1622

  1. Indians surprise attack led by Opechancanough killed ¼ of Virginia’s population a. Triggered by clear signs of English trying to colonize
  2. Remaining colonists mass killed by the Indians
  3. Second attempt by Opechancanough in 1644 failed again showing colonist supremacy
  4. Elite grew rapidly through wealth from the cultivation of tobacco



George Calvert --> Catholic
o place for refuge for persecuted Catholics from England
o Wanted Protestants and Catholics to live peacefully together
o Allowed greater chance of land ownership

Proprietary colony: a grant of land and governmental authority to a single individual