American History Timeline

Domestic Events (United States)


1960 - 1979

5.3% inflation and 6% unemployment. Refers to the weird economic situation in which an economy is suffering both from inflation and from stagnation of its industrial growth.

Ford Pardons Nixon


First and only pardon of a Presidential impeachment

Camp David Accords

September 17 1978 - 1979

Peace treaty signed by Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat to finally end the Israeli-Egyptian disputes. Carter's big achievement in office.

Moral Majority

1979 - 1987

Political group made of fundamentalist Christians. Didn't do much. Showed Americans were concerned with moral values of society.

Election of 1980


Ronald Reagon won over Jimmy Carter because of Iranian Hostage crisis and America's stagflation.

Savings and Loan Scandal

1980 - 1997

This was the failure of 747 savings and loan associations. The ultimate cost of the crisis is estimated to have totalied around $160.1 billion. The slowdown in the finance/real estate market may have been a contributing cause of the 1990 economic collapse.

Boycott of Moscow Olympics


Initiate by the United States to protest the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. It preceded the LA Olympics, which were boycotted by the Soviet Union and other Communist countries.


1981 - 1989

Emphasized cutting taxes and government spending in order to stimulate investment, productivity, and economic growth by private enterprise.

Reagan Revolution

1981 - 1989

The policies of Reagan's first administration which increased defense spending, reduced social programs and cut taxes. They were based on supply side theory of growing the ecnoomy by cutting government interference and taxes.

Sandra Day O'Connor appointed to Supreme Court

1981 - 2006

First woman appointed to the Supreme Court

Fight over Equal Rights Amendment


The Equal Rights Amendment was a proposed amendment to the constitution that would ban any discrimination on the basis of sex. It flamed out when it expired in congress in 1982

Strategic Defense Initiative/Star Wars


Proposed the construction of an advanced missle defense system capable of destroying enemy missles in space. Scared the Soviets.

Rodney King Beating/Riots

March 3 1991

Four officers were acquitted for beating King, which lead to L.A. riots for next 10 days.

Clinton proposes national health care

January 1993

The goal of this proposal was to provide universal health care for all Americans, which would later be a cornerstone of the Clinton administration's firt term agenda.

Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America"


The contract was the Republicans promised actions should they become the majority party in the House of Representatives. It was 8 reforms in 10 bills, all of which were devoid of promises on controversial and divisive matters, such as abortion and school prayer.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

December 21, 1993 - September 21, 2011

Shorthand for the policy that emerged shorly after Clinton's failed attempt to end ban on gays and lesbians in the military. It was the US's official policy on gays in the military.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

January 1 1994

Established a free trade zone between Canada, the US, and Mexico; which resulted to a net gain in jobs and the opening of Mexican markets.

Clinton scandals and impeachment

December 19, 1998

After Clinton confessed to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, the prospect of his impeachment became a political issue, espeally in elections. He was the first President to be convicted by the House, but he was acquitted by the Senate.

Election of 2000/ Bush v. Gore


CAme down to a vote from the electoral college, and specifically the vote in Florida. Because of the controversy over a recount in Florida, Gore issued to have a manual recount, was the first time the Supreme Court got involved in electoral college decision. This decided the votes should stand as counted, and Bush got the votes and the Presidency.

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Four planes were used as missiles, they crashed into the symbol of US financial power, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.. This was the deadliest attack on US soil, it lead to far teaching changes in the US, and the entrance of the US into the War in Afghanistan.

Election of 2008


First Presidential race where an African-American won a party's nomination. First election where an African-American was elected President. The main issues were the war in Iraq, the economy, health care, and race. Obama beat McCain, 365 to 173.

Foreign Affairs (Everything Else)

Helsinki Accords


Political and human rights agreement signed by the Soviet Union and Western countries. It was trying to improve relations between the Communists and the West.

Panama Canal Treaty


Called for the gradual return of the Panama canal to the people and government of Panama.


1979 - 1986

Set limits on the numbers of weapons produced. Not passed by the Senate as retaliation for USSR's invasion of Afganistan.

Three-Mile Island Incident

March 1979

Human error at the plant resulted in an escape of radiation over a 16 mile radius.

OPEC Crisis


Instability in the Middle East produced a major fuel shortage in the Us, and OPEC announced a major price increase. Carter retreated to Camp David, and emerged with a speech on how to resolve the energy crisis.

Iran Hostage Crisis

11/04/1979 - 01/20/1981

Iranian radicals seized 52 Americans from the US embassy and held them hostage demanding the return of the deposed Shnah to stand trial. Punished the US for other perceived wrongs.



Invasion of Grenada was a U.S. military action to counter the coup of the former Grenadian government by a leftist military regime.



Accused the US of supporting attacks that would overthrow the Government of Nicaragua. The US funded and assisted this "contra movement" in order to get the people they wanted in charge.

Iran-Contra Affair and Oliver North


US sold weapons to Iran in hopes of freeing Lebanon hostages. North was the head honcho in covering up the scandal.

Berlin Wall

November 9 1989 - October 3 1990

The Berlin Wall being torn down symbolized the end of the Cold War as we knew it.

Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War)

August 2 1990 - February 28 1991

It was a military action by the US and other assorted allies against Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussain after Iraq invaded Kuwait. The operation was an overall success, but the allies decided not to force Hussain out of power.

Breakup of the Soviet Unon


The Soviet Union collapsed into 15 seperate countries. It was hailed by the West as a victory for democracy.

War in Afghanistan

2001 - Present

US entered this "war on terrorism" after the attacks on 9/11. Bush justified it aqs a search for weapons of mass destruction, which could be used to attack the free world.