7 Wonders


Persian Wars

500 BC - 479 BC

Alexander at Oasis of Siwa

332 BC

oracle of ammon, son of "zeus"

founding of Alexandria

332 BC - 331 BC

Death of Alexander

323 BC

building of Pharos

297 BC - 285 BC

Probably the start date. began Ptolemy I Soter, in to reign of Ptolemy II

innaguration of Pharos

283 BC


64 BC - 21 AD

Death of Pliny the Elder/ Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius

79 AD

destruction of library of alexandria

391 AD

mosqe put on top of Pharos

868 AD

Ruin of Pharos by earthquake

1303 AD

From Manuscript of Montpellier

kait bey fort put up at Pharos site

1400 AD

put up in 1400s


Classical Period

500 BC - 323 BC