The ruler of Russia, Stalin decides to lead Russia in a new direction, it leads to industrilization in Russia, more equality and improving the economy. On the other side though many deaths, riots, and scret plottong occured during the reign of Stalin. After World War 1 Hitler rises up to lead Germany out of the ashes of World War 1 and into World War 2.


The Rise of Stalin

Death of Lenin


Lenin dies soon after he becomes ruler of Russia. He turned Russia into a Communist state.

Stalin eliminates all enemies


Stalin, by this time got rid of the Bolsheviks and or anything to do with Lenin's revolutionary ideas.

Five year plans

Stalin's first five year plan

1928 - 1937

Stalin gets rid of the NEP government and set uo 5 year plans. This first plan was to make Russia industrilized. Steel production in Russia increased 4 million to 18 million tons per year.



It was system in which private farms were now government owned. MAny private farmers killed livestock or burned their crops so the government could not take it. 10 million peasant households were now collectivized.

Farmers move to cities

1932 - 1940

People by the millions started living in the cities but, conditions in housing had horrible conditions.

Cost of Stalin's plans

Stalin had many down falls to his system.

Peasants dieing

1932 - 1933

10 million peasants die due to the famines.

Stalin gets paranoid

1936 - 1938

During this time Stalin wanted anyone who disagreed with him dead or imprisoned. He condemed most Bolsheviks to death. He turned himself crazy by doing so.