Untitled timeline


Queen Elizabeth 1

1451 - 1504

She was modern and extremely powerful. She was a striking figure, and she pushed Britain to conquer half the world.

Suleiman the Magnificent

1494 - 1566

He united the Arab world and conquered the, so called, civilized world. He brought government and justice.

Simon Bolivar

1783 - 1830

He freed most of South America from Spain. Bolivar was also a dictator that set the bar for generations to follow.

Florence Nightingale

1820 - 1910

She reduced the hospital mortality rate to 2%, and she set standards for cleanliness in hospitals.

Enrico Curiso

1873 - 1921

He didn’t have a singing lesson until he was 18, and at that time, he was the highest paid singer in the world.

Guglielmo Marconi

1874 - 1937

He invented the radio which changed communication forever.

Louis Armstrong

1901 - 1971

He was a trumpet player, and he brought attention to jazz. He broke the color barrier and was a goodwill ambassador.

Robert J. Oppenheimer

1904 - 1967

He was the head of the Manhattan Project that created the atomic bomb.

Patient Zero

1953 - 1984

He was the first alleged sufferer of AIDS in North America, and he was an African American man. He is the symbol of people who fought AIDS and prejudice.

The Beatles

1960 - 1970

They are one of the most famous bands of all time.