Jews given 'emancipation'

1790 - 1890

Jews let out of Ghettos and oppressing laws were scrapped

Russia gains Alsace-Lorraine


Russian (Prussia) statesmen Bismarck wins war against France and takes Alsace-Lorraine

Anti-Semitic Parties in every almost country


Triple Alliance formed


Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

Hitler born in Vienna


Kaiser ordered building of Navy


Large German Navy built

France and Britain reach colony agreements


France and Britain reach agreements about colonies in North Africa

Russian defeated against Japan


Revolution against ruler Tsar Nicholas II

Kaiser visits Morocco


Pressure rises between alliances

Britain sign agreement with Russia


Triple Entente formed


France, Britain and Russia

Austria Hungary concerned about empire


Austria-Hungary concerned about keeping empire together

German industry overtook Britain's


Italy looking to 'flex muscles


Archduke Franz Ferdinand assinated

28 June 1914

Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated by Princip ( at 10:45) after several people in the organisation failed to do the deed and just caused confusion

Austria blame Serbia

23 July 1914

Austria blamed Serbia for the Duke's death and sent it an ultimatum

Austria declare war on Serbia

28 July 1914

Austria declared war on Serbia and shelled Belgrade (it's capital)


28 July 1914 - 11 November 1918

Russian army get ready

29 July 1914

The Russian army got ready to help Serbia defend itself against the Austrian attack. Germany warned Russia not to help Serbia.

Germany declare war on Russia

1 August 1914

It began to move it's army towards France and Belgium

French army was put on a war footing

2 August 1914

Ready to fight any German invasion

Germany declared war on France

3 August 1914

Germany invaded Belgium. Britain ordered Germany to withdraw from Belgium

Britain declared war on Germany

4 August 1914

With the German's remaining in Belgium, Britain carried through their threat

Austria declared war on Russia

6 August 1914

Battle of the Marne

September 1914

The race to the sea

October 1914 - November 1914

Lusitania was sunk by German torpedo

2 May 1915

The British passenger liner was sunk by a torpedo from a German submarine

Battle of the Somme

1 July 1916 - 18 November 1916

USA enter WW1

6 April 1917

Armistice signed

11 November 1918

The leaders of both sides had a meeting in a railway carriage, the armistice was signed at 6 am and came into force five hours later

Spartacist Uprising

January 1919

Weimer Republic Constitution signed


Constitution signed in Weimer

Adolf Hitler joined NAZI party


Hitler becomes leader of NAZI party


(Renamed National Socialist German Worker's Party)

The Kapp Putsch

March 1920

Hitler founds the 'Sturm-abteilung'


Hitler intimidates opposing partys

Hitler is undisputed lead of NAZIs


Munich Putsch


Hitler tries to seize power

Occupation of the Ruhr

January 1923

The Great Inflation


Hitler wins 32 seats


First Reichstag elections

Hitler imprisoned

February 1924

Hitler's trial and imprisonment for leading the 'Munich Putsch'

The Dawes Plan is announced

April 1924

Hindenburg is elected President


The Locarno Treaties


Hitler publishes 'Mein Kampf'


Hitler puts forward his views and changes the Nazi policy to winning power through democracy.

Nazi's win 2.6% of vote


The Young Plan


Wall Street Crash

October 1929

Beginning of worldwide slide into depression

Nazis win 107 seats

September 1930

Nazis become biggest single party

July 1932

Nazis win 230 seats in the Reichstag election

Concentration camps set up

January 1933

Concentration camps were set up to tyrannise all opponents of the Nazi policy

Hitler becomes chancellor

January 1933

Jewish civil servants dismissed

7 April 1933

Civil servants dismissed from public office

Disabled to be 'sterilised'

July 1933

'Law for the prevention of hereditarily diseased progeny' made it compulsory for the physically disabled or 'feeble minded' to be sterilised

The Nuremburg Laws

15 September 1935

Jews hand over possessions

29 January 1936

Jews had to hand over electrical equipment and optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters and records

Berlin Olympics

August 1936

Jews couldn't escape oppressing laws

4 October 1936

Even if Jews converted to Christianity and baptised, they were still classed as members of the Jewish race

Germany took over Austria

March 1938

Jews declare finances

26 April 1938

Jews had to declare their own finances so that their own personal assets could be seized by the government

Jews declare finances

26 April 1938

Jews had to declare their finances so that their own personal assets could be seized by the government

Polish Jews expelled from Germany

September 1938

Jewish passports seized

5 October 1938

Passports of those Jews who emigration did not suit the Nazis, were seized


9 November 1938 - 10 November 1938

Vandalism and violence against german Jews. Over 90 Jews killed and 30, 000 rounded up

Jewish children banned from schools

15 November 1938

Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend state schools

Jews lose driving licenses

3 December 1938

Jews had to hand over driving licenses and vehicle permits to the police

1% of Germans sterilised


Jews evicted from homes

30 April 1939

Jews could be evicted from their homes without a given reason or served notice

Germany and Russia split Poland

September 1939

Jews evicted from parts of Poland and sent to 'Jewish reserve'

Jews allowed outside at certain times

1 September 1939

Jews were not allowed to to leave their homes after 8 pm in the winter or 9 pm in the summer

The Euthanasia campaign

September 1939 - August 1941

Over 70,000 physically and mentally disabled Germans were murdered in gas chambers in Germany and Austria.

Jews moved to ghettos


Nazis confiscated property of Polish Jews and forced them into designated 'ghettos' in the major cities

Operation Barbarossa

June 1941

Germany invaded Russia in an 'ideological war of extermination'. They killed entire communities of Jews.

440,000 have been shot dead

December 1941

Mobile gas vans used

December 1941

500,000 Polish Jews died in ghettos

January 1942 - July 1942

However Nazis let Jews exchange valuable goods for food and medicine

Wannsee Conference

20 January 1942

German Rule

Kaiser Wilhelm II

1888 - 28 November 1918

Kaiser abdicated

28 November 1918

Weimer Republic

1919 - 1933

Nazi Rule

30 January 1933 - 1945