Leadership, ETSU College of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine (Copy)

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Hixson Research and Teaching

Hixson hired

October 1992

Constance T. Hixson, M.D. hired "as a preceptor in Kingsport Family Practice Center" "appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine ... appointment does not carry an annual salary."

2000 Surveys

Nov 1992 - Nov 1993

Youth Tobacco Prevention Project research: 2000 Questionnaires administered pre- and post- lecture/discussion to middle and high school students in Sullivan County. Questionnaire developed with, and results delivered to, Gary Burkett [Director Research Div.] to help with analysis. YTPP with intent to make Recommendations. Unreadable computer printout.

Survival Skills in Medicine

1994 - 2005

Monthly forum with emphasis on conflict resolution, life skills, health, and other topics of concern to the residents. I identified the topics of importance and arranged for speakers or spoke. Medical students, residents, faculty, hospital staff, and community preceptors all took part. These meetings were held in the Hospital conference rooms.

Practicing Medicine

May 1998 - Nov 1999

Clinical Instructor, Practicing Medicine course, Div. MSE, QCOM.
I facilitated medical student small group discussions weekly for MS II, using a case-based curriculum. I wrote 2 cases for the class. I provided an hour lecture and demonstration for the medical students.

R2 Orientation

July 1998 - July 2001

"Psychological Needs of Patients and Providers". This half-day Orientation session for rising R2s included a case-based presentation and small group discussion of challenging patient encounters. Further exploration of the residents' own troubling experiences during their R1 year followed, with emphasis on behavioral skills and collegial support. This session was highly praised by the R2s in Kingsport. After 1999, this session was offered with all 3 Centers participating in 2000 and 2001.


2010 - 2011

Research on outcomes for the IMG Institute participants.
I am P. I. for the study, which was presented at 44th Annual Spring Conference, STFM.

Communication Skills for Health Professionals

2010 - 2013

Clinical Instructor, Communication Skills for Health Professionals course, taught yearly September through December, for MS Is, Pharm 2's, Nursing, and Psychology students.

QI Behavioral Change

2012 - 2013

"Satisfied Patients and Effective Front Office Staff: Quality Improvement With Behavioral Objectives". I am the P. I. for this research, which will be presented at the 46th Annual Spring Conference, STFM.

Kingsport Faculty changes

Kingsport Family Practice Center opens.

March 22, 1976

Kingsport Family Practice Program opens.

DFM Chair David G. Doane

1979 - 1993

David G. Doane, M.D. is Chair of the Department of Family Medicine.

4 faculty

Jan 1985 - July 1985

Program Director: Lee Hyde

5 fac.

Feb 1986 - July 1986

Hired: Robert Funke, MD


Jan 1987 - July 1987

Acting Program Director: Robert Funke.

Left: Lee Hyde, MD

PD ^

July 1988

Change in Program Director:
Lee Hyde leaves.
Bob Funke becomes P.D.


Jan 1989 - July 1989

Prog. Dir. Robert Funke
Hired: Kathleen Beine, Mary Anne Woodring
Left: Mary Swaykus, Anthony Bower, Thomas Schacht


Jan 1990 - July 1990

Prog. Dir.: Merrill Shidler, MD
Hired: Bickley Craven, MD, Michael Myszka, Ph.D.
Left: Mary Anne Woodring.

PD ^

July 1990

Bob Funke steps down but stays on Faculty.
Merrill Shidler recruited for P.D.


Jan 1991 - July 1991

Prog.Dir: Merrill Shidler
Hired: John Standridge, MD
Left: Kathleen Beine, Robert Funke


Jan 1992 - July 1992

Center Dir: John Standridge
Hired: Reid Blackwelder, MD
Hired in October: Connie Hixson, MD, Sherry Robbins, MD, both part-time.
Left: Merrill Shidler

PD ^

July 1992

Merrill Shidler resigns, moves out of state.
John Standridge Center Dir -- then, PD.

PD ^


John Standridge left. Larry Miller recruited for Prog. Dir.


Jan 1995 - July 1995

Prog. Dir.: Larry Miller, MD
Assoc. Prog. Dir: Bickley Craven
Fac: Blackwelder, Wm. Elderbrock, Tom Kincer, Hixson, Myszka.

PD ^

Jan 1996

Bickley Craven [Associate Program Dir.] left for SW Va. practice, in October, 1995
Larry Miller [Prog. Dir.] left abruptly in October, 1995
Reid Blackwelder = Interim Prog. Dir, x 1 year.


Jan 1996 - July 1996

Faculty are: Blackwelder [Interim Dir], Hixson, Elderbrock, Kincer, Myszka. [?and Strouse?]

P D Reid Blackwelder

1997 - November 2009


Jan 1998 - July 1998

Hired: Mark Landis, MD
Re-Hired: Sherry Robbins, MD.


Jan 2000 - July 2000

Blackwelder, Rick Stone, David Buyck, Ph.D., Hixson, Kohatsu, & Robbins.


Jan 2001 - July 2001

Hired: Aubrey McElroy, MD, Angela Thomas, MD, Deborah Poole, RNC, Ph.D.


Jan 2004 - July 2004

Recently hired: Beth Fox, Mary Stephens, Dana Reaume, and Glenda Stockwell.


Jan 2009 - July 2009

Prog. Dir: Blackwelder
Assoc. Prog. Dir: Fox
Medical Dir: Rose
Bockhorst, Lubrano, Hixson, Lindberg, Stockwell.
Mark Brummel, D.O. hired 2008.
Lindberg left Nov. 2009

P D Fox

Jan 2010 - April 2013

Program Director: Beth Anne Fox, MD

Medical Director: Doug Rose
Assoc. Med. Dir.: Pete Bockhorst


ETSC becomes ETSU

Feb 1963

East Tennessee State Teachers College becomes East Tennessee State University.
University President Burgin E. Dossett and others: "regional health center is needed in east TN."

Establishing the College of Medicine

1968 - 1978

University President Delos P. Culp and others press forward to establish Quillen-Dishner College of Medicine. LCME grants provisional accreditation June 1977.

Accreditation: Family Practice Residency Programs: Kingsport, Johnson City

Oct 1975

Family practice residency programs in Johnson City and KIngsport accredited, under Department of Family Practice, Quillen-Dishner College of Medicine, ETSU.

Residency Programs open

March 1976 - October 1976

Kingsport opens March 1976
Accreditation for Bristol, VAH, Watauga Mental Health July 1976
Bristol opens October 1976

COM enrolls first class

August 1978

First class of 24 medical students enrolls, under "College of Health and Medicine". Also, Schools of Public and Allied Health, and of Nursing, established.

ETSU President Beller


Dr. Ronald E. Beller becomes sixth president of ETSU.
QCOM Dean: ?
Dept. of Family Medicine Chair: David G. Doane, M.D.

DFM Chair Doane

1980 - July 1993

David G. Doane, M.D. is Chair of the Department of Family Medicine.

Accreditation: COM - 3 year

October 1986

Quillen-Dishner College of Medicine receives three year accreditaion, the longest period in the medical school's history.

Division of Health Sciences organized


In 1988, the Division of Health Sciences formed from the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, and Public and Allied Health. In 1990, they received a $6 million grant from W. K. Kellogg Foundation to develop centers for primary care in local communities.

COM renamed

June 1989

ETSU COM is renamed James H. Quillen College of Medicine.
QCOM Dean: Paul E. Stanton, Jr, M.D. [Interim Dean 1988-1989]
DFM Chair: David G. Doane, M.D.
Kingsport Program Director: Merrill Schidler, M.D.

DFM Vice-Chair Lang


Professor F. Forrest Lang, M.D. is appointed Vice-Chair of Department of Family Medicine.

Interim ETSU President Bach


Interim ETSU President: Dr. Bert C. Bach
QCOM Dean: Stanton
DFM Chair: Doane

Interim ETSU President Nicks

May 1992

Dr. Roy S. Nicks named as Interim President of ETSU

ETSU President Nicks


Dr. Roy S. Nicks, seventh President of ETSU.
QCOM Dean: Stanton
DFM Chair: Doane
DFM Vice-Chair: Lang
Kingsport Program Director: Standridge
Kingsport Faculty: Bickley Craven, M.D. [Associate P D], Michael Myszka, Ph.D, newly hired Reid Blackwelder, M.D., Sherry Robbins, M.D. part-time, Connie Hixson, M.D. part-time.

DFM Interim Chair Lang

January, 1995 - August 1995

Professor F. Forrest Lang, M.D. named as Department of Family Medicine Interim Chair.

Dr. Doane's responsibilites are changed.

DFM Chair Wilson

September 1995 - March 2007

JIm L. Wilson, M.D. named as Chair of the Department of Family Medicine, QCOM.

QCOM Dean Franks

1997 - Jan 2005

Ronald. D. Franks, M.D. chosen as Vice-President of Health Affairs and Dean of Quillen College of Medicine.

ETSU President Stanton


President Nicks retires and Dean Stanton becomes eighth President of ETSU.

Nationwide search brings Ronald. D. Franks, M.D. as Vice-President of Health Affairs and Dean of Quillen College of Medicine.

QCOM 6 month goals


Strategic Goals developed by Chairs of QCOM under leadership of Dean Franks.

QCOM Dean search


Dean Ronald Franks will devote his full attention to his role as Vice-President of Health Affairs, over Nursing and Public and Allied Health, and as College of Pharmacy opens. A search for a new Dean of QCOM will be chaired by Wilsie Bishop, RN.

QCOM Dean Bagnell

Sept 2006 - July 2012

Dean Philip C. Bagnell leads College of Medicine. He held the post of Executive Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs [2000 - 2006].

DFM Chair Franko

April 2007 - 2013

Dr. John P. Franko becomes Chair of Department of Family Medicine. The nationwide search was led by Dr. Merry Miller, Chair, Department of Psychiatry.

DFM Retreat

November 16, 2007 - November 17, 2007

Department-wide 2 day visioning process, development of Mission statement, interpersonal evaluation of skills and temperaments of all Department Faculty was held.

DFM reorg GME // MSE

2010 - 2013

Director of Graduate Medical Education: Robin Feierabend
Director of Medical Student Education: Reid Blackwelder
Osteopathic DME/ Director: Joann Lubrano