Proposed Experiments for PhD Thesis


Subcutaneous and oral infections

May 2013 - September 2013

Increase mouse numbers for subcutaneous and oral infection, complete additional time points after oral infection

Immune cell profiling

July 2013 - March 2014

Immune cell profiling in the lymph node and mucosal surface (in steady state and after infection)

Intracellular growth in APCs and antigen presentation

September 2013 - January 2014

IL-6 production by splenic and lymph node cells

January 2014 - June 2014

Intracellular IL-6 production by splenic and lymph node cells of selectin ligand deficient mice in steady state and after infection

Cytokine production (IL-6) by APC, and migration to sites of infection

June 2014 - October 2014

Fully characterize bone marrow repopulation

November 2014 - July 2015

Steady state and after infection

In vitro neutrophil functionality assays

August 2015 - December 2015

IL-6 production, microbicidal activity

Neutrophil migration assays

January 2016 - May 2016