Arms and Space Race Timeline


U.S. Arms Race

Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima


Starts the Arms race. Soviet Union wants the technology of the atomic bomb. We refuse to share it.

Production of the H-bomb



July 9, 1959

Polaris Missile tested at Cape Canaveral

January 7, 1960

Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle


Soviet Union Arms Race

Production of the H-bomb


Warsaw Pact was Signed

May 14, 1955

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or R7

May 15, 1957

Tsar Bomba

October 30, 1961

Biggest bomb ever made.

Anti-ballistic missile


U.S. Space Race

Fruit Flies in Space

February 27, 1947

First Monkey in Space

June 11, 1948

Albert Died.

Second Monkey in Space

June 14, 1949

Albert II Died... Parachute failure.

Third Monkey in Space

September 16, 1949

Albert III Died

Fourth Monkey in Space

December 8, 1949

Albert IV Died too.

Monkey Number 5

April 18, 1951

Albert V dies from parachutes.

6th time is the charm

December 13, 1958

Gordo... Yet again dies.

The First Monkey to live after going to space

May 28, 1959

Man on the Moon


Soviet Union Space Race

Sputnik Orbits the Earth

October 4, 1957

Russia Send a Dog to Space

November 3, 1957

Poor Puppy Died :(

Luna I


Orbits the sun

First Human in Space

April 12, 1961

Valentia Tereshkova