Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

1st Olympic Games

776 B.C.

776BC was the year of the 1st Olympic games. The games were held every 4 years in Olympia, in honour of the god Zeus. Some of the sports included wrestling, jumping, javelin and chariot racing. A crown of olive branches was awarded to the winner.


490 B.C. - 479 B.C.

Greece and Persian Empire fight the Persian War


490 B.C. - 480 B.C.

In 490 and 480BC the Greeks defeated Persian invaders at the battles of Marathon (490BC) and Salamis (480BC). The Greek victories kept the growing Persian Empire in check.

The Parthenon was finished in Athens

472 B.C.

In 432BC the Parthenon in Athens was finished. This huge temple was built to house a statue of the Goddess Athena. She was put there to look over and protect the city-state.


448 B.C.

Greeks and Persians make peace.

Alexander took the throne

338 B.C.

In 33 BC Philip II, the king of Macedonia, took control of Greece. After his death, his son Alexander the Great took the throne.