Cold War Arms & Space Race


US Arms Race

Successfully tested the first atomic bomb

July 1945

Atomic bomb dropped on Japan

August 6,1945

Truman says that the US is developing H bomb

January 31, 1950

H bomb

November 1, 1952

US makes ICBM tech

July 9, 1959

Soviet Union Arms Race

Soviet Union gets an atomic bomb

August 29, 1949

H bomb


First ICB missle launched by Soviet Union


Soviets detonate Tsar Bomba

October 1961

Soviet Union were in process of positioning nuclear missiles

October, 1962

US Space Race

the first American satellite, enters orbit around Earth.

January 1, 1958

chimpanzee, survives a flight on American mission

January 31, 1961

John Glenn orbits the Earth becoming the first American in orbit.

February 20, 1962

Soviet Union Space Race


October 4, 1957

USSR launches Sputnik 2 carrying a small dog

november 3, 1957

Luna 1 launches from the Soviet Union towards the moon

January 1959

Luna 3 orbits the moon

october 4, 1959

First woman in space

June 6, 1963