Cold War Timeline


Arms Race- US

Bombing Hiroshima

August 6, 1945 - August 7, 1945

US dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan

H bomb created

July 25, 1946

US tested underwater

H bomb tested

November 2, 1952

Made by US

Boeing B-52 bomber

February 1, 1955

US made this - pew pew

US missiles

1960 - 1961

Well-made missiles in smaller quantities than USSR

Space Race


October 4, 1957

USSR launched 1st satellite

First dog in space

November 3, 1957

USSR launched first animal (dog, Laika) into space; died

Explorer 1

January 31, 1958

US sent satellite into space, following Sputnik

First monkey in space

June 11, 1959

US sent monkey to space; lived

First man in space

April 12, 1961

USSR - sent first man into SPACE (Yuri Gagarin)

First men to orbit earth

December 21, 1968

US sent men into orbit on Apollo 8

Man on the moon

July 20, 1969

US - first man on the MOON (Neil Armstrong) along with Buzz Aldrin - on Apollo 11

First US-USSR space mission

July 15, 1981


Arms Race- USSR

H Bomb created

August 20, 1953

Made by USSR

USSR missiles

1960 - 1961

Poor quality missiles is great quantity

USSR nuclear device

October 1961

Blows up - biggest nuclear weapon ever seen before

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962

USSR missiles in Cuba