Land expansion


Louisiana Purchase


The Louisiana Purchase occured in 1803. France decided to sell the territory of Louisiana for $15 million. The purchase is known as the largest land purchase in history for that cheap.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition


Louis and Clark and a group of many people were sent out by Thomas Jefferson to explore and map out the land of the west. They were also trying to claim the possibly connecting river that would connect to the ocean, before Britain did.

Sacajawea is reunited with her brother


Lewis and Clark and the other explorers find themselves in need of horses in order to continue the expedition. The kidnapped Sacajawea, who is an Indian, is reunited with her brother , and she gets the explorers the horses and supplies needed.

Russian Colonies


The Russian Colonies begin to dominate the coast of California. After only a little while, 25 different colonies have been created.

The history of the Lewis and Clark expedtion


Thomas Jefferson publishes a book created off the journal entries made by the explorers, Lewis and Clark. This book tells about everything that happened on the expedition.

Maine becomes an Anti-slave state


Due to the Missouri Compromise, the Northern Territory, which was at the time Massachusetts, became Maine and then became a free state for all slaves. This mainly marked the date when Massachusetts territory was no longer one place. It was divided into two.

The Missouri compromise


This compromise was all about slavery. It talked about pro-slavery and anti-slavery in the Western territories. They wanted a balance of slave states and free states. In order to balance that out, the Northern changed the USA forever.

First American settlement


Stephen Austin creates the first Amerian settlement in Tejas. He settles on land that was designated to his Father. The establishment begins. Soon after he leads an adventure up the Red river. He then creates/ discovers the border between American and Canada.

The Mexican border


The border between Mexico and the United States is established in a treaty approved by the Senate. The Sabine river becomes the border

The Indian removal act


This was an act that said that President Jackson was allowed to discuss removal of the Indian tribes in the Southern territories. He said that they could have the land ,only for themselves, West of the Mississippi river. It would be a federal land designated to the Indians.

The Donnor family leaves


The Donnor family was a part of the group of American pioneers. They were heading West for California. They figured they might as well take a short cut, well th family found themselves trapped in the Sierra Nevada. They experienced many hardships, they starved, froze, had many sicknesses. They had quickly finished there food, the only thing left living around them, was themselves. They became cannibals. The family ate each other. That changed the Westward movement. It proved all the hardships and things that happened during the adventure West. It was a very cruel, sad event that changed the movement.

Gold is found in California


The president confirms that gold has been found in California. That confirmation made people stampede practically torward the West in search for riches.

Complaints of theft


Americans make a report that the gold in the United States is being taken by explorers and settlers from different places in the world. Such as: Australia, South America, and other parts of the world.

California enters the Union


California enters the Union by allowing the whites to take the Indians and sell them as slaves throughout the territory. This then leads to the whites believing they have the right to steal children and turn them into their apprentices.

The pony express


A mail carrying service alled the pony express is invented. It starts off and is successful. The pony express mail carriers carry important things for thousands of miles bringing them to people. They ride on horses across rugged terrain.