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Ignatius Loyola

1491 - 1556

Hermit after spiritual encounter with Mary, Patron saint of soldiers, Society of Jesus (Jesuit)

Council of Trent

1545 - 1563

Pope Paul III in Trento, Italy
Reformation of RC doctrine, of salvation, of church, authority of pope, etc (mainly= indulgences, Pilgrimage, Transubstantiation, and Papal Supremacy)
Chief apologist of Trent/the Counter Reformation= Cardinal Robert Bellarmine (cannonized 1930)
Purpose= to eradicate Protest. Reformation
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Protestant Armed Revolt


Revolt vs Elizabeth I
Start of Armed Resistance vs spanish

Siege of Leyden


William of Orange

"Spanish Fury"


6000 dutch killed

Treaty of Ghent/ Ultrecht


Gives "religious freedom"