Ancient Civ Timeline 2nd Semester


Alexander the Great Dies

323 BC

Antiochus I defeats the Gauls

275 BC

End of Babylon

275 BC

Antigonus II Gonatas takes Athens

268 BC

Parchment produced at Pergamum

250 BC

La Tene invades Britian

250 BC

Antiochus II killed by wife

246 BC

Introduction of leap year included in Egyptian calendar

239 BC

Carthage begins conquest of Spain

238 BC

War between Sparta and Achaean League

236 BC

End of Chinese classical Philosophy

233 BC

Introduction of oil lamps in Greece

230 BC

Carthago Nova founded by Hasdrubal

228 BC

Phillip V and Hannibal Make an alliance

216 BC

Great Wall if China

215 BC

Archimedes killed by invading army

212 BC

Hannibal retreats to Southern Italy after brother's death

207 BC

2nd Macedonian War

200 BC - 197 BC

Inscriptions carved on Rosetta Stone

200 BC

Hannibal flees to Antiochus III

195 BC

Antiochus lands in Greece

192 BC

Rhodians defeat Hannibal

189 BC

Hannibal commits suicide

182 BC

War between Sparta and Achaea

147 BC

Carthage rebuilt

123 BC

1st Chinese ships reach eastern coast of India

100 BC

Mithridates commits suicide

63 BC

Founding of Florence

62 BC

Library of Ptolemy I destroyed by fire

47 BC

Mark Antony returns to Egypt

38 BC

Cleopatra commits suicide

31 BC

1st definite reference to diamonds

16 AD

London founded

43 AD

Romans get soap from Gauls

50 AD

Gothic Kingdom set up

50 AD

Ming-TI introduces Buddhism

58 AD

Wars of the Macromanni and Quadi

167 AD - 175 AD

Albinus proclaims himself emperor in Britain and killed in battle

197 AD

Huns start invasion of Afghanistan

200 AD

Silkworms from Korea make arrive in China and Japan

200 AD

End of Han dynasty in China

220 AD

Goths invade Asia Minor and Bulkan Peninsula

220 AD

End of Andgra dynasty

225 AD

The Sassanids appear in Persia

226 AD

1st book on algebra produced

250 AD

Goths divide into Visigoths and Ostrogoths

257 AD

Franks invade Spain

257 AD

Constantine forbids public gladiator fights

264 AD

Lombards move from lower Elbe southward

300 AD

Buddhism growing in China

300 AD

Chandgrupta 1st Gupta emperor of Northern India

320 AD

Constantinople is founded

330 AD

Fortifications built in London

350 AD

Picts and Scots cross Hadrian's Wall and attack Britain

360 AD

Huns Invade Europe

360 AD

Books start to replaces scrolls

360 AD

Theodosius drives outs Picts ans Scots

370 AD

Huns invade Russia

376 AD

Emperor Valens defeated by Visigoths

378 AD

Theodosius takes over as emperor of Britain

379 AD

Burgundian kingdom of Worms founded

406 AD

Stilicho stops Ostrogoth invasion

406 AD

Visigoths conquer Vandal kingdom in Spain

416 AD

Franks settle in parts of Gaul

418 AD

Theodric I king of Visigoths

418 AD

Founding of Constantinople University

425 AD

Gaiseric king of Vandals

428 AD

Gaiseric found Vandal kingdom in Northern Africa

429 AD

Picts and Scots expelled from southern England

429 AD

Attila becomes ruler of the Huns

433 AD

Huns destroy Burgundian Kingdom of Worms

436 AD

The Alemanni settle in Alsace

443 AD

Gaiseric established absolute Monarchy

443 AD

Venice founded by refugees of Atilla's huns

452 AD

Theodric II King of Visigoths

453 AD

Skandgupta Emperor of India

455 AD

Battle of Krayford

457 AD

Childeric I king of Salian Franks

460 AD

Lyons becomes the capital of Burgundy

461 AD

Huns withdraw from Europe

470 AD

Theoderic the great king of Ostrogoths

471 AD

Founding of the kingdom of Sussex

477 AD

Hunneric king of Vandals

477 AD

Ch'i dysnasty in souther China

479 AD

Revolt of Vahan Mamikonian

481 AD - 484 AD

Hunneric succeeded by Gunthamund

484 AD

Gupta empire overthrown by Epthalite

484 AD

Saxons Capture Prevensey

491 AD

Theodoric found Ostrogoth kingdom of Italy

493 AD

The Kingdom of Wessex founded

495 AD

Thrasamund gains Western Sicily through marriage

500 AD

Britain victory over saxons

500 AD

Tamo Brings teas form India to China

500 AD

Marcomanni invade Bavaria

500 AD

Lombards Occupy area north Danube

500 AD


Third Samnite War

298 BC - 290 BC

Full Equality between patricians and plebeians in Rome

287 BC

Corsica Captured by the Romans

283 BC

War Between Tarentum and Rome

282 BC - 272 BC

Rome Conquers central and southern Italy

272 BC

First Denarius appears

268 BC

Rome captures Calabria

266 BC

1st public gladiator fights

264 BC

First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

Antigonus II Gonatas liberates Athens

255 BC

First Roman prison erected

250 BC

Sardinia becomes part of Roman republic

238 BC

1st Roman ambassador in Athens and Corinth

228 BC

Rome conquers Northern Italy

222 BC

2nd Punic War

219 BC - 201 BC

Hannibal crosses the Alps

218 BC

Quintus Fabius Maximus appointed Dictator

217 BC

50,000 Romans die at Cannae

216 BC

Romans take Syracuse

212 BC

Scipio defeats Hannibal at Zama

202 BC

Cato the Elder becomes consul

195 BC

War between Rome and Sparta

192 BC

Romans defeat Antiochus at Thermopylae

191 BC

Romans defeat Antiochus at Magnesia

190 BC

Scipio Africanus the Elder voluntarily exiled

185 BC

Pisa and Parma become Roman colonies

183 BC

Perseus defeats Romans

172 BC

War between Rome and Macedon

172 BC - 168 BC

1st paved streets in Rome

170 BC

Rome defeats Perseus

168 BC

Beginning of Roman Domination

168 BC

3rd Punic War

149 BC - 146 BC

Rome destroys Corinth

147 BC

Greece falls under Roman control

147 BC

Tiberius Gracchus assasinated

133 BC

Asia Minor becomes the 8th Roman province

133 BC

Gaius Gracchus elected tribune

123 BC

Gaius Gracchus killed

121 BC

War in Africa between Rome and Jugurtha

112 BC - 105 BC

Invasion of Italy

103 BC

Civil war in Rome

90 BC

Rome regains control of Italy

89 BC

Revolt of Athens

88 BC

Sulla becomes dictator

82 BC

Lucullus imports 1st cherry trees from Asian Minor to Rome

79 BC

Sulla resigns

79 BC

Mithridates VI starts war against Rome

73 BC

Pompey and Crassus defeated Spartacus and his revolt of slaves and gladiators

71 BC

Rome captures Crete

68 BC

Gaius Julius Caesar's 1st victory in Spain

61 BC

Caesar returns to Rome, elected Consul

59 BC

Caesar in Gaul

58 BC - 50 BC

Caesar conquers northern Gaul

55 BC

Caesar invades Britian

54 BC

Crassus killed by Parthians at Carrhae

53 BC

Pompey becomes consul in Rome

52 BC

Rivalry between Caesar and Pompey

50 BC

Caesat crosses Rubicon to start civil war

49 BC

Pompey defeated by Caesar

48 BC

Pompey murdered

47 BC

Caesar's "De Bello Civil"

47 BC

Caesar returns to Rome

46 BC

Adoption of Julian calendar

46 BC

Caesar adopts Gaius Octavius

45 BC

Caesar murdered

44 BC

Second Triumvirate

44 BC

Brutus and Cassius commit suicide

42 BC

Herod appointed king of Judaea

40 BC

Battle of Actium

31 BC

Octavian becomes Augustus the Emperor

30 BC

Building of Pantheon started

30 BC

Rome penetrates Germania

9 BC

Judaea annexed by Rome

6 BC

Herod dies and sons split kingdom

4 BC

Augustus succeeded by Tiberius

14 AD

Tiberius succeeded by Caligula

37 AD

Caligula succeeded by Claudius

42 AD

Rome invades Britain

43 AD

Nero kills Octavia and marries Poppaea Sabina

52 AD

Claudius succeeded by Nero

54 AD

Nero kills his mother

59 AD

Nero orders Seneca to commit suicide

65 AD

Nero commits suicide

68 AD

Emperor TItus

79 AD

Emperor Domitian

81 AD

Emperor Nerva

96 AD

Emperor Trajan

98 AD

Colonia Nervia Glavensis founded

98 AD

emperor Hadrian

117 AD

Hadrian visits Britain and starts Hadrian's wall

122 AD

Hadrian finishes Hadrian's Wall in Britain

127 AD

Emperor Antoninus Pius

138 AD

Emperor Marcus Aurelius

161 AD

The great plague of Rome

164 AD - 180 AD

Romans defeated in scotland

180 AD

Emperor Commodus

192 AD

Commodus murdered

192 AD

Emperor Semptimius Severus

193 AD

Carthage becomes metropolis

200 AD

Severus dies while visiting Britain, succeeded by Caracalla and Gota

211 AD

Roman citizenship given to every freeborn subject in the empire

212 AD

Caracalla assasinated

217 AD

Emperor Heliogabalus

218 AD

Emperor Alexander Severus

222 AD

Alexander Severus is assassinated, Maximinus becomes emperor

235 AD

Maximinus is assassinated

238 AD

Emperor Phillip the Arabian

244 AD

Rome celebrates 1000th anniversary

248 AD

Emperor Decius

249 AD

Emperor Gallus

251 AD

Emperor Valerian

253 AD

Alemanni and Suevi conquer upper Italy but defeated at Milan

258 AD

Emperor Gallienus

260 AD

Emperor Claudius II

268 AD

Goths sack Athens, Sparta, and Corinth

269 AD

Emperor Aurelian

270 AD

Aurelian defeats Macromanni and Alemanni and rebuild Rome's walls

271 AD

Aurelian overthrows Palmyra

273 AD

Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus

276 AD

Emperor Marcus Aurelius Carus

282 AD

Emperor Diocletian

284 AD

Rome splits into western and easter empires

285 AD

Carausius proclaims himself independent emperor of Britain

285 AD

Rome takes Armenia from Persia

297 AD

Diocletian and Marimian abdicate to Contsantius Chlorus and Galerius

305 AD

Constantius Chlorus succeeded by Constantine the Great

306 AD

Constantine reunites west and east into one empire again

306 AD

Seat of Roman power moved to Constantinople

331 AD

Constantine dies and succeeded by three sons

337 AD

Constantine II dies fighting brother

340 AD

Rome split again into east and west

340 AD

Persians regain Armenia

350 AD

Romans start to evacuate Britain

383 AD

Emperor Magnus Maximus takes Gaul and Spain from Rome

383 AD

Theodosius the great

392 AD

Theodosius forbids Olympic games

393 AD

Honorius and Arcadius redivide the Roman empire

395 AD

Alaric invades Greece

396 AD

Alaric plunders Athens

398 AD

VIsogoths invade Italy

401 AD

Alaric captures and sacks Rome

410 AD

Roman legions withdraw from Britain to protect Italy

410 AD

Emperor Valentinian III

419 AD

Barbarians settle in Roman provinces

425 AD

Aetius becomes virtual ruler of the western empire

429 AD

Last of Roman troops leace Britain

436 AD

Codez Theodosianus

439 AD

Gaiseric takes last Roman provinces in Northern Africa

443 AD

Theodosius II succeeded by Marcian

450 AD

Vandals sack Rome

455 AD

Leo I becomes emperor of the eastern empire

457 AD

Vandals destroy Roman fleet off Catagena

460 AD

Western Emperor Severus

461 AD

Western Emperor Athemius

465 AD

Theodric II murdered and replaced by Euric

466 AD

Western Emperor Glycerius

473 AD

Western Emperor Julius Nepos

474 AD

Zeno becomes eastern roman emperor

474 AD

Last Western Emperor Romulus Augustus

475 AD

Western Emperor Alybrius

476 AD

End of Western Roman Empire

476 AD

Gaiseric sells eastern Sicily to Theodoric

476 AD

Clovis defeats Syagrius

486 AD

Theodoric begins conquests of Italy

487 AD

Theodoric defeats Odoacer

489 AD


Pope Leo I

440 BC

Writing of Septuagint

255 BC

Antiochus persecutes Jews, desecrates the Temple

168 BC

Maccabean revolt Against Antiochus IV

167 BC

Judas Maccabaeus rededicates Temple of Jerusalem

165 BC

Rise of Pharisees and Sadducees in Palestine

112 BC

Dynastic war in Palenstine

69 BC

Pompey Captures Palestine and makes it part of a Roman province of Syria

63 BC

Pompey captures Jerusalem

63 BC

Cicero's "De oratore"

55 BC

Cicero's "De Republica"

54 BC

Herod the great governor of Galilee

47 BC

Herod Antipas governor of Galilee

4 BC

Birth of Christ

4 BC

Jesus' Baptism

27 AD

Jesus' Crucifixion

30 AD

Church at Corinth

40 AD

Paul starts his travels

45 AD

Paul's letters to Corinth

58 AD

1st persecution of Christians

64 AD

Gospel According to Mark

65 AD

Peter Executed

67 AD

Saint Linus becomes 2nd Pope

68 AD

Revolt of Jews against Rome, Jerusalem destroyed

70 AD

Gospel according to John and Gospel according to Matthew

85 AD

Pope Clement

88 AD

Jews rise up under Bar Kokhba

122 AD - 135 AD


185 AD

Pope Victor

189 AD

Pope Urban I

222 AD

Persecution of Christians increases

250 AD

Christianity introduced in Armenia

300 AD

Last of Christian persecution

303 AD - 311 AD

Edict of Milan

313 AD

Council of Nicaea decides against arians

325 AD

Erection of the 1st Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

325 AD

Basilican Church of St Peters erected

330 AD

Constantine the Great baptized on death bed

337 AD

Christianity in Abyssinia

350 AD

Hymn singing introduced by Ambrose

386 AD

1st Hallelujah hymns in the Christian Church

390 AD

Pope Innocent I

401 AD

Saint Augustine's "City of God"

411 AD

Saint Patrick begins mIssion in Ireland

432 AD

Pope Felix

483 AD

Pope's excommunication of Patriarch Acacius

484 AD

Arminian Church secedes from Byzantium and Rome

491 AD

Pope Gelasius I

492 AD

Pope Anastasius

496 AD

The Gelasian Missal

496 AD

Clovis I converted by Burgundian wife

496 AD

Clovis Baptized by St Remigius `

496 AD

Pope Symmachus

498 AD

The Synod of Rome issues a decree of Papal elections

499 AD

Codex Bezae

500 AD

Incense introduces into Christian Church Service

500 AD