Mayan civilization


The start of the Mayans

3114 B.C. - 1441 A.D.

The first day of the long count calender takes place in midsummer.

irrigation canals

600 B.C.

Mayans begin digging irrigation canals to increase crop yields.

Solar Calendars

400 B.C.

Solar calendars came into use by the mayans.

The ruler

683 A.D.

The ruler Pakal the great dies in the city of Palenque.

Breaking down cities

751 A.D.

Mayan cities break down, some cities conflict over land and wealth.

Tikal reaches its peak

869 A.D.

Tikal reaches its peak and begins to decline


899 A.D.

Tikal was abandoned.

More cities abandoned

1000 A.D.

Northern Maya cities on Yucatan Peninsula begin to be abandoned.

The ruler of mayapan died

1441 A.D.

The lords of Xiu killed the ruler of Mayapan and burn the city.