Paper 2 Timeline: rise of Christianity and fall of rome


Pax Romana (roman peace)

31 BCE - 180 CE

Life of Jesus

6 BCE - 29 CE

Irritated the religiously obsessed peoples of Judea and Israel. Upset the Zealots who wanted to fight the Romans. Jesus preached love and forgiveness. He challenged traditionalist rabbis, making Israel and Judea hard to govern. Jewish leaders demanded that the Roman procurator allow them to punish the disturber of the peace

Jew Saul (Paul)

6 CE - 67 CE

Jewish War

67 CE - 71 CE

After being crushed by the Romans, they decided to punish this "troublesome people by dispersing them in what came to be known as teh second Diaspora.
Results from forced eviction:
1. establishment of Jewish exile colonies that became breeding ground for Christianity throughout the eastern Mediterranean basin and soon in Italy itself

Rule of Marcus Aurelius

161 CE - 180 CE

Reign of Commodus

180 CE - 193 CE

Son of Marcus Aurelius. Incompetent.

Barracks Emperors

235 CE - 284 CE

Ordinary citizens not directly involved with struggles but suffered effects.
1. Loss of respect in authority
2. the courts of law were overruled by force
3. Bribery and corruption of officials was not uncommon
4. Bad disruption of long-distance trade on which the economy flourished

Diocletian/ Empire divided East and West

284 CE - 305 CE

Constantine/Christianity tolerated

313 CE - 337 CE

Edict of Milan

313 CE

announced official toleration of Christianity and signaled that the new religion was favored at the imperial court.

Germanic Invaders enter western empire

375 CE - 450 CE

Theodosius makes Christianity official religion

381 CE

Rome ravaged by Visigoth raids

410 CE

Vandal raids in Rome

455 CE

German chieftain kings himself in west empire

476 CE

Seen as the official end of rome empire