Vietnam War


Global Containment of Communism became the new US policy


SEATO Treaty extended US protection to South Vietnam if they were attacked


North Vietnamese focused on rebuilding their nation and socialism's growth


Diem refused to hold elections in the South and the Viet Minh grew restive


Ho Chi Minh, communist, elected in NV; US uses Diem in SV to block Ho


Full scale revolt against Diem by the Viet Cong, the Vietnamese Communists

March 1960

North Vietnam calls for South Vietnam's liberation from US imperialism

September 1960

Kennedy sent advisors to South Vietnam to coach Diem how to get the job done


Buddist uprising against Diem because of religious persecution

May 1963

There were 15,000 US advisers in South Vietnam propping up Diem's successor

November 1963

Diem is overthrown and killed w/ approval of CIA by Army of Republic of Vietnam

November 1 1963

Johnson initiated a bombing campaign against North Vietnam, but didn't happen


Johnson said neutralization of SV equals communist take-over

January 1 1964

National Lib. Front, supported by NV, was waging Guerrilla war


Moscow, Hanoi, and Paris call for int'n meeting to deal w/ war in Vietnam

July 1964

Johnson accused NV of attacking ships in the Gulf of Tonkin

August 5 1964

Congress gave the Pres even more power under SEATO to "defend freedom"

August 7 1964

Students and others began to question how the US could support such a war

1965 - 1969

VC troops broke through defense perimeter around US base, US major retaliation

February 7 1965

US bombers hit two locations in NV w/out any provacation by NV

March 2 1965

Johnson gave a speech, told of the economic rehab he would launch after war

April 7 1965

US troops were told to search out the enemy and engage in combat

June 8 1965

Heaviest attacks against the Hanoi complex began

November 1967

Tet, communist offensive, swift and suprising, VC drove US out of rural areas

January 1968

550,000 Americans in Vietnam, massive bombing of the north, massacres


Johnson announces he was stopping the bombings in NV

March 31 1968

By this time more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than all targets in history


South Vietnames army collapses, communists took SV Saigon

April 25 1975