Sacagawea's Life


Sacagawea is born


It is unknown the exact date that Sacagawea was born, but it is believed to be sometime in this year.

Hidatsa warriors attack the Shoshone tribe


Sacagawea is captured along with other women and children. She is eventually traded to a Canadian man named Toussaint Charbonneau who takes her as one of his many wives.

Louisiana Purchase


The purchase of this land doubles the country's size.

Start of the Corps of Discovery

May 14, 1804

On the orders of Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark start an expedition to explore the newly acquired land. They hire Charbonneau to be their guide and ask that his young wife, Sacagawea, go with them as an interpretor. She travels with them carrying her two-month old baby on her back. His name is Jean Baptiste Charbonneau or, as Clark called him, Pomp or Pompy.

Arrival at the Pacific Ocean

November 8, 1805

Sacagawea helps the men arrive at the Pacific Ocean. She had helped them to find berries and nuts when there was no other food. She is said to be the one who saved the expedition.

Back in St. Louis

September 23, 1806

After two and a half years, Sacagawea and Pomp, Lewis, Clark, Charbonneau and 30 other men arrive safely back at their starting point.

Death of Sacagawea

December 20, 1812

Said to be the date of Sacagawea's death.

Famous Lady


A U.S. coin is issued with a picture of Sacagawea and Pomp. There are 23 statues erected of Sacagawea throughout the United States, more than ANY other woman in America. There are mountains, lakes and rivers named after her.